Monday, June 22, 2009

Is there basic information a landlord is required to give to a tenant?

Say for example, you live in one of Peoria’s older neighborhoods… Your block has several well manicured lawns, people who work during the day and neighbors who belong to the neighborhood association.

Also on this block is a property that is rented out to a different person every six months to a year. The people the property is rented out to don’t ever seem to understand the day the garbage man runs...

they don’t understand that garbage goes in garbage cans...

and they just can’t seem to grasp that you can’t park your car in the yard.

The neighbors have called the Code Enforcer, but since the property turns over so often, the lesson never seems to be learned.

Is it too much to expect a landlord to inform their tenants of the City Code as it pertains to maintaining property? If a landlord keeps renting out property to people with no common sense, is it wrong to get the name of the landlord and call him/her at home (preferably during the dinner hour) and tell them of the problem that their tenants cause in the neighborhood? What would you do?


Anonymous said...

I don't feel there is anything wrong with calling the landlord and making he/she aware of the problems. If they are a responsible landlord they should want to know about their tenants' behavior.

Mahkno said...

Is Code Enforcement not writing tickets? Those tickets can add up fast.

Is your council person aware of the problem? If Code Enforcement is not doing its job then maybe your council person can look into it.

My experience with calling landlords has been mixed. If the landlord has a track record of renting to lousy tenants then they tend not to give a rats ass.

Keep taking pictures, document the problem, keep up the pressure. Blogging about the annoying landlord can't hurt either.

The owner of the property is a matter of public record.

Themis said...

Beige vinyl siding and a blue porch? Seriously? I think the landlord needs a ticket just for that blue porch!

Mahkno said...

If you look closely at the window you will see the vinyl is improperly installed. Improper installation will allow for the decay of the underlying wood to continue. It is also evident that the original siding was NOT removed and therefore the likely lead based paint will continue to peel. When the day comes to remove that siding, all those wonderful paint chips will come pouring out.

Ramble On said...

Call code, call police (illegal parking), call landlord, call Peoria Cares and don't stop with just one call. I live next to one of Merle Huff's lovely rentals(gag). At least for the last couple of years the renters have been pretty good, but the exterior of the house is a shamble.

EMERGE said...

Themis - that is hilarious

Ramble - on it.

Mahnko - photos are sent to Peoria Cares with complaints

Anon - tried it the other day (not during the dinner hour though) the landlord sounded like he actually gave a damn and would look into it. We'll see.