Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I wanna wear my daddy's shoes Part II

Marcus Jordan, son of basketball hall of famer Michael, will play in his first Central Florida game while wearing Air Jordan shoes, Bright House Sports Network reported Wednesday.

A source told the network even though UCF has a deal with Adidas, Jordan will wear Nike's Air Jordan shoes against Saint Leo in an exhibition game on Wednesday.

Jordan also wore the Air Jordan sneakers in a team scrimmage on Sunday.

Jordan will wear the Adidas uniform, with the exception of the sneakers. UCF's three-year deal with Adidas is worth $1.9 million for the school. It expires in 2010.


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Mahkno said...

Another example of the over commercialization of 'amateur' athletics. Why is this even an issue... why is UCF engaged in exclusive branding rights in the first place. The student 'athletes' should be there primarily for the education not the athletics. Who cares what shoes he is wearing.

What is he studying? What are his grades like? Why is the athlete being elevated above the educated professional?

The outrage should be that UCF even has a 3 year deal with Adidas.