Thursday, October 7, 2010

Richwoods students suspended after drinking party

You may recall that I overheard a young lady from the Richwoods Dance Team and her mother talking about fights, off campus, after the Richwoods vs Notre Dame game. An Anonymous commenter hastened to inform me that there were no fights amongst the Richwoods children. Even though there were no reports of fights at this party, I wouldn't doubt that there are plenty of fights that go unreported at such events. Unfortunately, these exclusive drinking parties are the norm in the suburbs and as a result, are much more difficult for the PPD to get a handle on.
Up to dozen athletes receive suspensions for being at weekend party.

PEORIA — As many as 10 to 12 student-athletes at Richwoods High School will finish out their respective season on the sidelines after they received tickets for possessing or using alcohol while at a weekend drinking party.

Twenty-two city ordinance violations were issued to teenagers for possessing and/or consuming alcohol Saturday at a home in the 4000 block of West Hollow Trace, according to Peoria police.

Names of the students are not available as they are juveniles, but Peoria police relayed the names to school officials, District 150 spokeswoman Stacey Shangraw said.

Letters went out to those students, notifying them and their parents that students involved in extracurricular activities may not be able to participate for up to an entire year, Shangraw said.

Peoria District 150’s extracurricular competition code, revised about three years ago, carries greater penalties than held at many other school districts, especially for first offenses.

The first offense for the use, possession or transportation of illegal drugs or alcohol results in an automatic suspension from all activities and practices covered by the code for one calendar year from the date of the incident, the policy states.

“We have a policy and we’re just following through on that,” Shangraw said of letters that were sent to parents from Richwoods’ athletic director. “Extracurricular activities are a privilege and strictly voluntary.”

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Peoria Anti-Pundit said...

I hope Dist 150 stands by their rule and I wonder why or where the parents were that own this house where the drinking party was. It will be interesting to see if any of these students were star athletes on the football team and basketball team. I'll bet some weasel their way back onto the teams before the year is out.

Emerge Peoria said...

What I find interesting is that in the print edition, this story was buried in the B Section (sports page) at the very bottom and continued on another page.

I don't doubt for a minute if this had been Woodruff, Manual or Peoria High - this would have been front page news. AND they would have given the exact address and information on who owns the home.

septboy said...

PAP- the article states there is already an out for the students-athletes--
"They can voluntarily opt into the PACES Abeyance program, a full-service substance-abuse, violence-prevention and mental-health program, which initially was created to help keep students from dropping out of school.

Students who enroll in the program are automatically suspended for one-half of the “regular scheduled activities and/or competitions” and may attend all practices.

Guaranteed the next class will be FULL.

Anonymous said...

Sad news about Richwoods again.

Sharon Crews said...

Emerge, I do believe you're right--that the address and home owner would be printed in the PJS. There is still time for an expanded story. Also, even though these young people may be minors, the PJS, I believe, could reveal information as to which sports team (football, etc.) will be short some players.

spikeless said...

I may be mistaken, but I don't remember an incident involving a liquor related athletic suspension where PJS provided information as to the sport or identity of the students. As to the identity of the host's parents, the only times I recall PJS providing any information as to their identities has been where they were in some way involved in the party, either by having provided the liquor or having allowed the party to begin or continue while aware of the drinking.

Again, I may well be incorrect but I just don't recall such.

Anonymous said...

Emerge, why did you misquote me? I'll keep that in mind the next time you use the internet to spread a rumor that you say you heard at the gas station. I have no doubt of your motivations to criticize all things Richwoods.

Emerge Peoria said...

Heartbreaking news for Richwoods.

The news about the teams is really unfortunate. Sports mean so much to the moral of the school. It could also hurt some of the guys on track for sports scholarships.

Emerge Peoria said...

@ Anonymous(?):

What could be my motivation for criticizing Richwoods?

While I appreciate your school spirit, you are so quick to personalize.

I get it - you heart Richwoods!

It's a little creepy how you speak as if I should know who you are and how I offended you when 85% of the people who post on this blog post as Anonymous.

If you will take a moment and look at my blog, you will see that my criticism is for the negative coverage vs positive coverage specific District 150 schools are given. I also am opposed to the portrayal of all children south of War Memorial as pants sagging, thugs.

I have nothing against Richwoods. They have a wonderful, hardworking PTO and boosters; the Principal comments from time to time on this blog and seems very cool; and even though we chose not to do IB, some of my daughter's best friends did and attended Richwoods.

So stop with the “my motivations to critcize all things Richwoods”.

Peoria Anti-Pundit said...

Agreed, Richwoods is the brightest spot in District 150 most of the time.
As for printing names, I get it. They are minors and so no names need to be in print but, if Washington, IL last year when these type of parties were busted, the paper had the names of the parents or whose home it was. I am curious as to whose home this was and if the parents were there. Hell, knowing kids, maybe they had the party while the parents were out of town.

Sharon Crews said...

I posted a comment earlier, but it hasn't appeared--I must have forgotten to hit the button. With regard to both recent incidents involving Richwoods students, I sometimes had the mistaken idea that children from "privileged" homes didn't need as much attention from me as did the students who were less privileged.
Spikeless, I believe the name of the homeowner and the address usually accompany the story. I could be wrong, but I can think of some cases where that was true.

Then, I remember someone telling me that all teenagers are "at risk." I do believe that to be the case. High school is sometimes not a good place to "grow up." It often bothers me that District 150 is reluctant to mete out appropriate and consistent consequences. However, I do believe that while students should suffer the consequences, parents mostly but, also, the school system (teachers, counselors, etc.) should help the students learn from their mistakes and help them cope with the consequences--just don't eliminate the consequences.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt D150 will punish according to their rules.When my sons were at RW there were kids caught and punished to the detriment on their sports. What i found difficult to swallow was at times a coach would punish one child for something but another child doing the same/worse thing was never reprimanded. and yes, last names played a part.

Frustrated said...

Emerge - Some Richwoods athletes are doing just fine. Did you see that Mariah Smith is going to Princeton!! Oh ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

and on an ACADEMIC scholarship no less! Oh, and her mom, former Methodist Med Ctr Nurse of the Year, is a Manual Ram!!

Sharon Crews said...

Is her mom a Manual grad--name, please. Great!

Steve Ptacek said...

I can not comment on this incident.

But, I feel that I have to come on and defend Emerge. She has been great to work with and I have never felt that she attacks RHS. In our email communications she has given me the opportunity to clarify some issues (Clearing up the IB rumor-mill and summer school are two examples).

I see articles on here about other schools and the issues faced in Peoria.

Once challenged at the appearance of the PTO article, she openly made changes to the post and went out of her way to state her support of our PTO leaders. No one with an axe to grind or a hidden agenda would take those steps.

Sharon Crews said...

Thanks, Steve, for defending Emerge. She is, also, always willing to listen to my side of any discussion--and to change her mind. This negative perception of Richwoods as a "rich" kids school goes back to its origin (and its name). However, we do live in a new era now when old perceptions aren't the same as today's reality. Many of my former Manual students who "hated" Richwoods now are free to move to other parts of the city (not so in the 1960's and 1970's) and now have children at Richwoods. I can go to a Richwoods game and see about as many Manual alums as I would see at a Manual game.

Beth said...

Nice to see you Steve. Miss talking to you. My students are trying to drive me insane. Do you have time for a coffee pep talk?

Emerge Peoria said...

Thanks Steve and Sharon for your comments. I appreciate your input on this post and others.

It is unfortunate how we are so easily divided when what we all want is a better school District for the children in Peoria.

Unfortunately (or maybe not), I don't have any school loyalties. I went to Woodruff and Central, while I had/have family at Manual and Richwoods. I care about all of the schools.

Steve Ptacek said...

I agree Emerge. I first entered the blogs because I wanted to use them to build positive partnerships with members of the community. Since the atmosphere hasn't allowed that to happen, I have remained silent and often away. Thanks for caring about our kids and our schools.

Beth.. email and let me know when!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for enlightening me. Our family has lived south of War Memorial for over 20 years and I never realized others considered my children pants sagging thugs. I apologize if I mistook your misquoting me as an attempt to promote a personal agenda. To me, words are powerful, and there is a BIG difference between saying I didn't see a fight and there weren't any fights. IMO it is not positive or unifying to put words in peoples' mouths.

Emerge Peoria said...

@ Anonymous:

Thanks for offering the clarification. Apology accepted. On to the next...

Sharon Crews said...

Speaking of rules--this was the last paragraph of my comments at tonight's board meeting:
"Now for the latest 150 rumor. I have heard that the district is no longer keeping tardy records for students—which would, also, mean no consequences for being late to class. Is this rumor or fact? Is this a policy on which the board will vote—I certainly want to see that show of hands. Will the students be led to believe that they will suffer consequences? They will figure it out; I’m all for them finding out right now so that the chaos will be apparent immediately. Students respond to honesty; they will take advantage of dishonesty."
After the public comments at every BOE meeting, Dr. Lathan is given time to address any comments made by the speakers. I believe this time was instituted partly due to Jim Stowell's complaint that we speakers often make incorrect statements, etc., that need to be addressed. That is why I labeled my comment as a rumor to be dispelled. Well, Dr. Lathan commented on several issues brought up by speakers, but nothing about mine. Therefore, am I to believe that the rumor is not a rumor at all but fact. Terry, also, commented on how unusual it is that there have been no suspensions on the board agenda for at least the last two meetings. Yet one teacher spoke about the chaos that is occurring regularly at her school. What is replacing suspensions as a consequences for inappropriate behavior? Does anyone have any insight?