Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SOS Peoria: Three (3) homicides in last nine (9) days

First in Print - Deadly December 2010

Today, citizens of Peoria are left to put together for themselves that with the homicide of December 21st, the City of Peoria has had four (4) homicides in little over one (1) month; and three (3) homicides within the last nine (9) days.

Victim of Tuesday beating is the city's 21st homicide - Dec 22, 2010
Peoria police are investigating the city’s 21st homicide of the year after the victim of a beating was pronounced brain dead Tuesday, December 21, 2010.

Todd Gunter, 29, of 1829 S. Stanley St. is being maintained on life support at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center pending preparation for organ donation. He was brought to the hospital after an incident at 12:21 p.m. Monday at Griswold Liquors, 1814 S. Griswold St. He was pronounced brain dead at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Police were flagged down outside the liquor store Monday after Gunter was found lying unresponsive on the ground. He may have been struck in the head with a piece of asphalt. An autopsy will be performed to determine an official cause of death following organ donation, according to Peoria County Coroner Johnna Ingersoll. Source

North Peoria Shooting Leaves One Man Dead - Wed, Dec 15, 2010
A lunch-hour shooting in North Peoria claims the life of a Peoria man. Police say he was shot in the head while driving through a neighborhood.

Peoria man dies after being shot in the chest - Sun, Dec 12, 2010
A Peoria man was fatally shot in the 1500 block of South Stanley Street about 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

AND there was a homicide in November...

Man shot, killed in gas station fight - Nov 11, 2010
A man released from prison almost a year ago allegedly shot and killed a Peoria man during a Tuesday night fight at a Circle K gas station.

AND... There are still two (2) babies in our city recovering from bullet wounds. On October 14th, an early morning shooting resulted in the injury of a 4-year-old as someone fired shots into a home; on Dec 11th, a 3-year-old child was shot in the head on North North Street.


Dennis in Peoria said...

WEEK-TV 25 show a picture of the latest victim, Todd Gunter. He was a young Caucasian male. Now we'll probably see see comments on various blogs from folks wondering if the suspects were Af-Am, and if so, will the SA consider this a hate crime? (I suspect it wasn't)

No reason to attack someone who was just conducting business at a liquor store...but then, we don't know all the details yet either.

Sympathies to his family.

Peoria Anti-Pundit said...

No hate crime. Just a crime of opportunity is all and yes, probably committed by black males. Most Peorians aren't left wondering though. Those that can and should make a difference won't.

Anonymous said...

todd gunter was my ex. He has a four year old son we named michael. Now he will never have an oppurtunity to know the man I loved. Sick twisted teens. Cathy willis r.i.p. We love you

Emerge Peoria said...


So sorry for your loss. Todd is a hero, his organ donations make him larger than life. He has defied the odds and will live on in others.

Thanks for telling us about Todd.

Anonymous said...

todd truly was a hero. He will be loved and missed. Thank you for your condolences. My prayer is that one day no family will be caused the pain senseless violence brings.