Saturday, August 6, 2011

Meet District 150's new Chief Turnaround Officer

At the July 25, 2011, board meeting, the Board of Education approved the contract for the new position of Chief Turnaround Officer (CTO).

A generic job description for a CTO:
The chief turnaround officer will direct and coordinate academic and fiscal activities working in concert with the administrative team, school turnaround officers, and community partners, to improve student achievement. Manage the operational plans related to the work being done in the district’s lower-performing schools through the School Imporvement Grant. Duties also include monitoring turnaround school performance data, aligning resources with the district’s education plan and establishing early warning systems to ensure compliance with state and school board standards. In identifying new targets and shared strategies, the CTO will also be establishing and implementing strategies that provide for increased learning time and ongoing mechanisms for family and community engagement among other duties related to accountability.

I am Geraldine (Gerri) Russ Cox. I am a native of North Carolina. I grew up in the small Eastern North Carolina town of Smithfield, North Carolina. I later attended NC A&T State University where I earned both my bachelor’s and master degree. I also attended Gardner Webb University where I earned a Master degree of Educational Administration.

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother of three. My husband and I live in Rural Hall, NC with my mother and aunt. We also share our home with “Teddy Bear Cox” our 40lb. Chow dog.

It has been my pleasure to be an educator for almost 30 years. Helping children learn is my passion and life! I believe given Phenomenal effort success is enviable.


Emerge Peoria said...

This is kind of the job that Steve Ptacek was doing before he left the district.

Anonymous said...

This woman is widely known as one of the most in your face, take it my way or the highway has seen. She is not fond of anyone's opinion but her own. She was deliberately brought in to make Sharon miserable.

Anonymous said...

Lathan had Ptacek baby sitting kids in trouble at Trewyn. Is that what the new Turn Around officer was supposed to be doing?

Also, PSD 150 is one year late hiring this position...out of a three year grant.

Lathan needs to be evaluated on her ability to hire and retain quality staff.

shay said...

"I believe given Phenomenal effort success is enviable."

I just don't know what to think about that whole sentence... The capital P, the missing commas, the idea of the sentence itself.

Is it saying that it is unnatural to envy or covet success? Is it saying that success cannot be envied with, say, just a modicum of effort? Is the word Phenomenal one of those new educational buzzwords or products? Does a kid's mind really need Phenomenal effort to covet success?

Sharon Crews said...

I believe the word should be "inevitable." Emerge has given me my first insight as to what a turnaround officer is supposed to do. Honestly, I have been making fun of the title as one of those new words to come out of educational jargon (drivel). I know that Manual was supposed to have a turnaround officer but I was never sure from what or to what Manual was supposed to make a turnaround. I guess I need more specifics as to what exactly we are turning around. Just being a bit facetious--sorry!

I don't think Dr. Lathan makes me miserable. However, I am so very grateful that I'm retired and looking in on the situation instead of being part of it--then I might be miserable.

Part of me (probably to everyone's surprise) is holding out some hope that some of what Dr. Lathan is doing will work. Certainly I hope the Woodruff tech center works. I am unsure as to how much the plans create some semblance of an alternative school. I am hoping for the best. On both of those issue, Dr. Lathan has proved that she did listen to the pleas that Terry and I made a almost every meeting--for a vocational school and an alternative school. So I can't say that Dr. Lathan has been totally indifferent to what she has heard.

What mystifies me most is how much 150 seems to be relying on North Carolina. I heard that last week a group of P.E. teachers went to NC for training. What! I get the feeling that many favors are being returned at District 150's expense. Call me a cynic on that subject--yes, I am.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing anon was talking about Dr. Sharon Kherat. But please, go on thinking it's all about you and your "views". Please.

Sharon Crews said...

Since I, not Sharon Kherat, do blog here, I did make the assumption you meant me. However, I do know that this situation exists. I think Dr. Lathan has treated Sharon quite badly. I may not agree with everything that happens at Manual, but that doesn't change my positive feelings for Sharon.

Anonymous said...

This bio is so confusing. Does she live in Rural Hall or Peoria. Did all those people and the dog move to Illinois. Does she have one or two master's degree?

The last sentence is a mess.

Emerge Peoria said...

Don't be confused. She did not give EmergePeoria a bio. This is a bio from her former job.

Anonymous said...

Another "friend/family" of Dr. L. Watch out North Carolina, if Lathan stays here much longer, all of your "best/brightest" (in Lathan's mind) will all be transferred to Peoria, IL, where they will raise all the test scores and magically transform this district...hehe