Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Riggenbach and Gulley getting their ducks in a row?

Do the newly approved District Maps hint at a renewed vigor from the folks who live on the East Bluff and in Southtown to make sure they are represented by the people who will best support their interests?

The fight that the District 1 and District 3 Councilmen put up for the new maps show that Gulley and Riggenbach may realize that the time is NOW to answer to their constituents... finally.

The new map puts the City on the hook to make sure that there is some growth in District 1 and District 3. Unnfortunately, Councilwoman VanAuken was hoping to get in on some of that power growing North...

By a 6-5 vote, the council settled on what has been labeled "Map B." Spain, Van Auken, Ardis, and Councilmen Gary Sandberg and Bill Spears voted against Map B. Voting in favor were Gulley and Council members Chuck Weaver, Beth Akeson, Timothy Riggenbach, Dan Irving and Eric Turner.

The vote also comes about 13 months after the map-making process was first introduced with more than two dozen versions drafted and multiple meetings with sometimes passionate discussions. Source

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shooting in... Shooting up... Peoria Summer 2012

Uptick in heroin overdoses in Peoria
The emergency room at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center might treat one heroin overdose in a typical mid-June week. Last week there were nine. Two people died.

Some arrive via ambulance, others get dumped on the doorstep, a needle literally still stuck in the arm. Other than the drug, there is one common theme: Almost always, the victims are young, white males from affluent areas around Peoria. Source

Violent crime task force
A violent crime task force is now being formed to patrol "hot spots" where gun violence has recently been on the rise. The shooting of Roberico King was the seventh homicide of the year and the Police Cheif is reporting that "50% of gun violence so far this year has taken place in the last six weeks alone."

Points of focus for the 16-officer team will be - a strip of South Peoria between Starr and Garden streets just west of South Western Avenue and an area of Howett Street just east of Western. Additionally included is a portion of the East Bluff near the intersection of McClure Avenue and University Street.Source

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