Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Is Dr. Grenita Lathan feeling the heat?

Superintendent Grenita Lathan didn't mask her disappointment to widespread community reaction in the aftermath of District 150's investigation into testing irregularities at Charter Oak Primary School and the subsequent reassignment of its principal and the transfer of two special education teachers.Source

Monday night,after the board meeting Lathan sat-down with reporters and made the following statement:
"I'm disappointed because I don't believe people want District 150 to succeed."

People don’t want District 150 to succeed? WHAT? I'm sorry, but that statement makes absolutely no sense. Why wouldn't people who live in this community; people who hope to live in this community; people who own homes in this community; people in this community who have children who need an education, want OUR local school District to be the absolute best it can be?

Me thinks the good Dr. is feeling somewhat victimized and what she really feels like saying is:
People don’t want Grenita Lathan to succeed.
Why would the Community of Peoria, Illinois ALLOW the School Board to pay her over $200,000 per year and bring a contingency of folks from North Carolina to Peoria, if we didn't want OUR school District to succeed. Chile please.


Mahkno said...

I do think it is true, that there are powerful economic players in the community who truly do not want District 150 to succeed or Lathan to succeed. Those players are not the parents of the children attending District 150. Those players are not necessarily the parents of children who feel driven to private schools either.

In other news, that other Peoria school district, D̶u̶n̶l̶a̶p̶ North Peoria District 323, is having money troubles too. It is interesting to see how much sympathy the teachers get at the prospect of budget cuts versus the teachers at District 150.

Emerge Peoria said...

If what you say is true Mahkno, the "peoople" of who you speak, are the exact same "people" Dr. Lathan has been working with since the day she got to Peoria.

Since some of those "people" are now speaking out against District 150, NOW she tells us "people" don't want District 150 to succeed?

I guarantee you, those "people" you refer to are not the same "people" Dr. Lathan is referring to.

Sharon Crews said...

I certainly believe that there are people who do not want the public school to succeed because they want a voucher system that will allow the government to pay their way to private schools of their choice.
Unfortunately, District 150 isn't making much of an attempt to counteract those negative opinions of 150 and its teachers and little to entice those who prefer public education to stay in Peoria.
Lathan's comments during a press conference don't seem to match anything she said or did at the board meeting. Defending herself is her main goal.

kohlrabi said...

When did Laura Petelle leave the meeting - while Terry Knapp was speaking? It sounded like there were words back and goryh between them.

Emerge Peoria said...

From PeoriaStory:

"McDonald also questioned why board member Laura Petelle, who spoke at a candidate forum on Feb. 9, said twice that she protected Washington gifted school. "Was it in danger?" McDonald asked.

Petelle left the meeting before McDonald spoke, causing McDonald afterwards to wonder whether she anticipated the question because it was written on the card McDonald was required to fill out and turn to speak."

Kristin50 said...

I am appalled at an embarrassed for our Superintendent, and her lack of judgement and integrity. She tries to back pedal at every turn and place blame elsewhere for what is going wrong, but is quick to pat herself and her cronies on the back for a job well done, when she thinks that is what they have done! Notice I said she thinks, as I assure you, there are fewer and fewer of Peoria taxpayers who believe our District is headed in the right direction. This has gotten to out of hand, that it is truly time for people to stop hiding and speak up openly about the hostile work environment that they are subjected to on a daily basis. We all are hearing the stories about this woman, but we cannot do what needs to be done, others can, if they will speak up about her verbal abuse,and her general abuse of power!

This woman thinks we are going to go away, and she is dead wrong. She has awoken a BOBCAT and even more so she has awoken the minds of many District 150 parents and taxpayers in Peoria, who know that when one person says you are corrupt you probaly are not, but when two people say you are corrupt you still probably are not, but when 100's begin to say it, well....where there is smoke there is fire. If it walks,and quacks like a duck it is a duck! End this madness!

VOTE ON 3-18-14 and let the BOARD know their days are numbered!
End the madness....VOTE ON -

Sharon Crews said...

Laura left before Terry spoke.

Sharon Crews said...

Lathan got some negative press today on the Jamie Markley show on WMBD. He did use some of my P-Card information, especially about travel and they played excerpts from Lathan's defense from the media coverage Monday night--over and over again about the hate in this community and that there is no reason for fear or intimidation if everyone does as they are told. Wow! Is that really the world she intended to create when she made a decision to go into education and ultimately into an administrative position?--A world of do as you are told people.

Robert Minge said...

District 150 deserves better than their current superintendent & school board.
You have great students, teachers & principals all wanting a chance to succeed. The only obstacle is Lathan & her management style. She needs to go!

Robert Minge said...
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Robert Minge said...

Here's a question. Is it true that Lathan's husband works at Charter Oak? Hard to believe that with all other jobs available that works in her school district. Not making accusations but looks a little odd to me.