Sunday, August 14, 2016

Black Lives Matter: A lesson for those who care to learn

Cartoonist Kris Straub has come up with a simple, cartoon strip
that neatly summarizes the stupidity of such arguments.

A simple, quick lesson on the Black Lives Matter movement vs making the flip statement that “All Lives Matter."

To argue that Black Lives Matter, is not the same as arguing that others don’t – simply imagine a silent “too” at the end of the movements name. It’s just there is a major issue that we need some special focus on right now – like the burning house.

Black Lives Matter is an urgent call to action, but All Lives Matter is just a glib sentiment. The difference is as stark as that between “I love you”, and “Don’t you just love people?!”

It is easier for those who might benefit from this unjust status quo to flat-out deny it exists, than to check their own privilege.

Should all lives matter? Yes. Do they? No. That’s why we need the Black Lives Matter movement and a president smart and progressive enough to understand that.  Source

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