Monday, August 29, 2016

East Bluff: Shoot out last night

This is the newspaper report:

This is the blow-by-blow from the local Community Forum, who was listening to the live scanner feed:
  • East bluff going stupid 3rd report of shot spotter possible one victims so far. Truck crashed as result in fence. House shot up on delaware.
  • "Poppy" was one of the shooters
  • 71 listeners on the scanner! I'm listening to the play-by-play. . .
  • Cops afraid some one trying to snag evidence from scene.
  • They're on the other side of Glen Oak School!
  • They're sending out the wagon!
  • Dog is tracking south of school.
  • Why has the scanner suddenly gone silent?
  • Waiting for dog to pick up on the trail.
  • Almost shift change. . . .We won't hear a whole lot for a while unless somebody else does something stupid.
  • I thought they already caught the 2 who fled from the car.
  • There was a car and a SUV that were shooting in the 900 block of republic, so they're still looking for suspects from the other car
  • Got 2 suspect sat delaware and ravine moving to wis and republic
  • They're still out with the dog. We're close to having a winner!!
  • 2 vehicles being impounded think the suspects are from one of them and still looking for other car people.
  • Back tracking means they lost trail on the other frye and maryland.
  • 100 listeners on the stream.
  • Calling the track. NO luck finding them.
  • Shooting victim just showed up at OSF
  • They found the driver.
  • Found car maryland and republic back window shot out. possible victim showed up at hospital.
  • Depends on who is doing the feed regular scanner going fine.
  • Driver from hospital is walking away from hospital. cops may have just found him.
  • Positive ID on the 2 in custody. (Heard on Prep 3)
  • Just saw one of the tow trucks go to get one of the impounds. They all seem to be giving up since its past shift change.

Just one more example of why all of the East Bluff Special Service District Tax monies should be going towards fighting the high levels of crime in the East Bluff neighborhoods.

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