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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Peoria Journal Star needs an Ombudsman

They are looking for suggestions from readers. I'm a reader, that's my suggestion.

If they had one, chances are that person could have told them that they should reconsider this editorial, as it may be offensive to law abiding citizens ("innocent bystanders") who live in the inner city areas that have been consistently plagued with crime.

The editorial seems to be implying that an innocent by stander in the inner city randomly "caught up" in crime is more than likely "involved," and their experience is a lower level of scary.
"The vast majority of the violent crime we see locally is gang on gang. There's a perverse cause and effect to it; sometimes innocents get caught up in that, but usually not."
However, an innocent by stander in the suburbs that is "randomly" affected by crime is more than likely truly an innocent bystander, and their experience is a high level of scary.
"But when you're exactly where most people are supposed to be at that time of night - with your family, asleep in bed - and someone unknown to you breaks in, ties you and a spouse up (or most disturbingly, even young children), points a gun to your head and ransacks the house, that's a whole other level of scary."
There are many innocent bystanders who reside in the inner city who are afraid of getting "caught up" in violent crime. It can and has happened in broad day light, when folks are "exactly where most people are supposed to be." It has happened when some were walking to their car from work, or walking to their car to go to work, or while working in the yard, or while shopping at the local grocery store. 

The Ombudsman could have advised the editors at the pjstar that this editorial is unnecessarily insensitive, as it would appear that they are seeking to diminish ALL of the years the innocent bystanders in inner city neighborhoods have been "caught up in that."

And by the way, you don't have to source a Chicago Tribune editorial about crime to get a quote like this:
"Those who leave are those cities most hate to lose, "the educated and employable, who move because they can."
Folks in the East Bluff and surrounding neighborhoods have been saying that for years... just look around at all of the abandoned and foreclosed homes. Those homes belonged to folks who are/were "educated and employable, who move because they can." 

Here's a local quote about crime from the EmergePeoria blog:
"Street by street folks who were trying to hold it down, are now gone. Those who haven't left yet, evaluate their decision to stay on a day by day basis."