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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Peoria's Stop-and-Frisk Neighborhoods

I am not sure what to think.

I know I want the shooting and killing to stop. But if I truly want them to stop, do I still have the right to speculate that the new crime initiative put forth by local law enforcement may violate the rights of a certain segment of our community - my community?

Is this really the only way...

I sit here not knowing, but hopeful, that somebody is making sure that the rights of black folks in this City will not be violated. But by the same token, I realize that our rights are already being violated by gangs. I am conflicted.

Are we going to give the PPD slack? Perhaps a comment from the local NAACP, or the African American Leadership Alliance as to what they think about the new initiative could put my mind to rest. Do they support it; are they concerned about the abuse of it; do they have any advice that they will offer publicly so that we have an idea how to deal with the issues surrounding random stops; or are we to just stay off the street, in an effort to avoid them?

In the current climate of black-on-black crime, do I dare ask for clarity on exactly why the police now have the power to randomly stop me, my husband, brothers, nephews and cousins? Many of us live in the impacted areas of crime. AND aren't black folks in this city already being stopped at disproportantely high rates?

First District Councilman Gulley is now calling for a full curfew after 10:00 p.m. Again, I am looking for clarity, will this just be for black folks and the neighborhoods that majority black folks live in, or will this be for all of Peoria?

Is it really fair that because I am black and there is a problem with black-on-black crime, that I am expected to go happily, without question and forfeit my rights to move about this community - my community freely?