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Monday, September 9, 2013

District 150 is excluding the GENERAL PUBLIC...

It's no secret, District 150 is desperately trying to find more money...

As stated above, the District must increase revenues. 

Word on this blog is that District 150 has sold Greeley School to Dollar General; and we know the Knolls and surrounding neighborhoods are currently on guard, because District 150 tried and/or is trying to sell the green space known as Peoria Stadium to WalMart; additionally we know students are suffering in schools with no air conditioning:

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A Board member and/or District personnel (or somebody who cares a WHOLE LOT) is currently parked on this blog, slamming Sharon Crews at every opportunity, because she is sharing information (obtained via FOIA) about the District's finances. 

The adoption of the UpClose Program by District 150 was a good thing. But then, District 150 turned around and CLOSED the PROGRAM TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, thereby limiting it to parents of District 150 students:

In every other City, this type of Program is open to the General Public.
The District managed to justify excluding the public by naming the Program - Parents as Leaders ("PALs") and restricting attendance to parents of District 150 schools.
Whats so unfortunate about District 150 EXCLUDING THE GENERAL PUBLIC from this Program, is that it is exactly the information the public needs to understand the use of the Superintendent's credit card; the Administration, elections, taxes, school finances, programming, etc...  This is the Agenda for PALs:

Citizens who are tapping into this blog and the blog's Facebook page to read about the use of the Superintendent's credit card (close to 1,000 every day since it was posted), are clearly struggling with and/or are interested in school finances; and now, more than ever, the District needs the public to buy in to whatever it is they are selling (especially with so many questions surrounding the use of the Superintendent's credit card). 

Why would District 150 start this Program and not take the opportunity to engage the public (at the time when they need us the most); and instead turn the UpClose/PALs Program into something that is exclusionary?

Frankly, opening the course to the GENERAL PUBLIC would have been a brilliant public relations move.

We often hear District officials complain about conjecture on the blogs, well excluding folks in this manner certainly won't help the situation. Shame on the District 150 Board and it's Superintendent for missing this opportunity to engage the public in a proactive way.