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Sunday, October 30, 2011

District #150 Superintendent of Schools, a Dr. and a OG

 Today’s local newspaper has the first in what it calls an “occasional series that profiles the top educators in the Tri-County Area”. Up first, Superintendent of District #150 Schools (surprise). The article is accompanied by three (3) very animated photos, that seem to shed some light on the personality of Dr. Grenita Lathan (as described in the article):
“She's a self-described "old soul" with endless energy and boundless enthusiasm. …she has a rare combination of wisdom beyond her years and the vivaciousness of an upbeat teenager.” pjstar 10/30/2011 
In other words, our Superintendent of schools is an OG (i.e., old girl), not to be confused with OG.

102011Lathan_Super6.jpgHaving the "vivaciousness of an upbeat teenager" certainly comes in handy when you are the “hostess with the mostest" and hanging with your "inner circle"...

"In my inner circle, they call me the hostess with the mostest. I throw a great party."
However, I'm not so sure that being described as having the "vivaciousness of an upbeat teenager" is something you want when you are the Superintendent of schools. Some people might mistake that upbeat, teenage, vivaciousness as childish behavior coming from a professional with such a serious charge:

102011Lathan_Super3.jpg"...we have been tasked and charged with providing an education for children, and we only get one shot at it. We have one opportunity to do it, and we have to do it right."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grading Grenita

Superintendent Grenita Lathan says she's excited as she looks back on her first year on the job, wishes she could have done more.
"There was so much that needed to be accomplished this year, I think I beat myself up more thinking what I wanted to get done. When you think about improving personnel practices and the operational side of the house, there's still more I wanted to accomplish."
When questioned on what kind of grade she would put on her own report card:
"I Think about a B or a B-plus. I need proficiency rates. I need to see what we accomplish in student achievement this year. What does it show, how many students are meeting or exceeding standards in reading and math? Then, we'll be able to assign a score beyond that."
Lathan says she remains focused on continuing to keep a tight reign on the budget and making sure the curriculum changes she put in place begin to show fruit. Additionally, she is especially proud of the contract agreements reached with teachers and support staff in - what she calls - record time. Source

Is the grade of B or B-plus a fair assessment of Dr. Lathan's first year? What grade would you give Grenita?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

… and she brought along all of her BFF’s

As has been alleged, around these parts, it is unprecedented for a Superintendent of schools to bring in so many new hires (known in certain circles as “outsiders”). After all this is District 150, a predominately black, urban school district, why are these people coming here?

Here’s why I think they are here: Dr. Granita Lathan.

I’m not saying Dr. Lathan is the best thing since sliced bread. But, I can tell you that one of the “BFF’s” that is relocating to Peoria, told me she was “surprised” and “honored” for Dr. Lathan to consider asking her to come to Peoria and work with her. She spoke very highly of Dr. Lathan as a colleague and peer; she was excited about the potential we have here (yes, she believed in our children, sight unseen) and she was ready to start educating some kids.

Move on people, there’s nothing to see here. This is what it looks like when a professional educator is running a school district.

Personally, I am pleased with some of the titles (with new faces) in the Lathan Administration – because it is clear the plan is educating children, as well as educators:

Chief Curriculum and Instruction Officer
Instructional Improvement
Early Childhood Programs
Literacy/Social Studies
Family and Community
Pre-K through Eight Curriculum

Oh, and let’s not forget the highly qualified Associate Superintendent who will be working along side Dr. Lathan.

Perhaps the real concern is that Dr. Lathan will become so insulated, that people can't get to her. I'm not worried about that, because I recall reading in more than one place that Dr. Lathan will be meeting with just about everybody [from parents to the Rotary to the NAACP] on a regular basis.

I hope that those who care enough about education to complain so much about it, would pause for a minute to look at the job titles and realize the possibilities for educating our children, parents, principals and teachers in this team that Dr. Lathan is assembling.

It’s not all rosy, but I do see possibilities.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

District 150 has their eye on a particular candidate

District 150 is prepared to announce that Dr. Grenita Lathan is their preferred candidate for the position of Peoria Public Schools Superintendent. Although no official appointment will be made until all due diligence is completed, she will be coming to Peoria soon for an official introduction.

Dr. Lathan is currently the Interim Deputy Superintendent for the San Diego Unified School District.

In 2007, a staff member at Guilford County Schools, in North Carolina, where Dr. Lathan was a Principal at the time described Dr. Lathan as follows: An individual who leads with,”…vigor and compassion, strength and courage, humility and respect – beckoning all the while for all of us to come alongside and share in the grand adventure of educating children and shaping the future”.

Yeah, we are gonna need ALL of that for District 150. Bring it Dr. Lathan.
Tough Test Beginning for Magnet Programs - if she can bring a Montessori Program to District 150 - we just might be on to something...