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Monday, July 11, 2011

Riverwest parents turn their children in to police for looting

Would you turn your child in if you knew they were terrorizing the community? A parent who turned her children in after seeing them looting a gas station after a 4th of July celebration is being taken to taken to task by members of her community for turning her children over to "the man".

July 6, 2011, WITI-TV, MILWAUKEE—
At least four parents turned in their children to police after seeing surveillance video of teens looting a gas station in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. The teens stormed the gas station and began looting shortly after the lakefront fireworks show ended on Sunday, July 3rd. FOX6 spoke with one mom who saw her 15-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter on video.

A woman who asked only to be identified as Kizzy told FOX6 her story. "I was just watching the news and I seen a picture of my son. I kind of rewinded it a couple of times to make sure that was him. Then I went on the website, because there were more pictures and that's when I seen my daughter on there."

FOX6 repeatedly aired surveillance video of the looting incident at a BP gas station in Milwaukee's Riverwest community. Many teens in that video may have continued on to rob several people a few blocks away.

Stealing chips was enough for Kizzy. "It was kind of heartbreaking to see that, but I knew I would have to bring them to the police station in the morning," she said, "What kind of kids are being raised? I'm thinking that, I'm watching it and then I see my son. I'm like something's got to be done."

Kizzy said when her kids got back from Summerfest she confronted them about what she saw. At first her son denied it, but then confessed. "I slept on it then I woke up this morning and we talked about it and I said this is the decision I made."

Kizzy brought her two children to police district five and turned them in. "I have provided a stable loving home and it's disappointing to see my children on the television and I advise any parent, if you're raising you children to go into the right direction come forward, because it's going to continue to happen. I've seen it with other family members, they get away with it once they'll do it again."

Kizzy recognized another kid on the video and is trying to reach his parents. FOX6 posted still photos of the people involved in this looting incident.