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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pam Schau - The Making of a Victim

It’s amazing to see PIAien’s come to the defense of “outsider” Pamela Schau. Schau, the former Treasurer/Comptroller of District 150 was let go this past Monday in executive session immediately following a regularly scheduled BOE meeting.

Today, the pjstar has actually done a background story on Schau being let go, as if to imply that the District did something wrong in cutting Schau.

Even though Schau was hired by the former administration, she has supporters in Peoria who are coming out of the woodwork. Would there have been any controversy if former interim Superintendent Durflinger had let Schau go? I doubt it.

The controversy is because Dr. Granita Lathan (a black woman) cut Schau with the swiftness of a professional/executive/administrator who knows when an employee is not up to par.

Let’s look at a little bit of what Schau was up to while in Peoria...

From the May 24th Board Meeting minutes (hat tip to Jon):

“Ms. Schau reported that when the budget was adopted in September it was based on the prior year and had some flaws and now we have documented all needed changes. An amended budget has been prepared that shows our best estimate of how the district will end the year. Administration is recommending that the amended budget be put on display for 30 days and a hearing be held on June 29, 2010.”

When comparing the revised budget presented at that June 29 meeting with the original budget dated the prior September, one of the prime differences was that “Purch Serv” (an expense) from the operating budget was $4MM higher than budgeted, with no real change in operating revenues (thus the operating budget as a whole was $4MM worse than previously expected). The natural question is how much of that difference was an admitted error and how much was due to overspending, presumably by others in authority?" [*under Schau's watch]
Additionally, there were at least two occasions that Schau gave the Superintendent erroneous information regarding spending for summer school and adult education. Oh, and let us not forget when ten (10) clerical workers were given raises, even though Durflinger said he knew of and approved "three to four people" but no others [*under Schau's watch] .

But for some reason the Journal Star didn’t raise any of those issues. They chose to phrase the article in a light that invites commenters to make this a black and white issue.

Pandering to their audience has paid off, because the commenters on are rising to the occasion and the fear of the black lady from North Carolina, who is bringing all of her “friends” to take all of the District’s money and brainwash the children of Peoria continues.

Today, Pam Schau is an unwitting, hard working victim, who was “fired for reasons unknown”. Karen McDonald et al, has done such a great job of painting Schau as a victim, one would think they were hired to do her pr.
*[under Schau's watch] = my words.
UPDATE @ 3:00 p.m.: Interesting, do my eyes deceive me? What happened to the usual race baiters in the pjstar speaking on the Schau issue. Take a look - not one racist comment is appearing today. HOW RARE IS THAT? Great moderation.
UPDATE II, August 14, 2010:
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Geeze... did Schau get the axe for another african american female from North Carolina? And how did that Lathan asskisser/cheerleader Debbie Wolfmeyer ever get on the school board in the first place?
Guess I spoke to soon.