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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Don't Shoot and District 150

The website for the Mayor's Don't Shoot initiative has been launched. It holds a lot of good information about how the program should work in our community. There is also a component for involving District 150. What does the school program entail? There are four components to the school program.
  • First - the program uses the Student Pledge Against Gun Violence. The pledge is signed by the student at school and is a voluntary promise that they will never carry a gun to school, will never resolve a personal problem or a dispute with a gun, and will use their influence with their friends to keep them from resolving disputes with guns.
  • Second - is a speaker’s bureau where Mayor Ardis and other members of the task force will make anti-gun violence presentations to the students throughout the school district.
  • Third - is a “Stop Gun Violence” poster contest. It is hoped that the task force can turn the top three posters from four age groups into a “Don’t Shoot” 2013 wall calendar.
  • Fourth - is a reading program modeled after the Peoria Reads! program, but using age appropriate books dealing with the issue of gun violence. Source
In the meantime...
Since when is the 1800 Block of North Bigelow Street in the West Bluff