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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Is the business community losing confidence in District 150 School Board and it's Superintendent?

Superintendent of Schools, Granita Lathan and members of her cabinet appeared before the Mayor, Council and Chamber to explain discuss the issue of the District continuing to have a negative impact on the Peoria community. 

In July of this year, the School Board voted to reward the Superintendent a $10,000 bonus, "based on her contract and her ability to reach goals," however, the Mayor and other community leaders seem to feel that at this time it is necessary for them to interject in the business of the School District.

The harshest critic of the District, was Tom Fliege, a Board member of the local charter school (it would appear he's not concerned about what the Board will say about them when it's time to renew the Charter)...

The Chamber questioned the decision to seek a sales tax...

The Mayor voiced the council's concern about the sales tax
(there was no comment from Interim Comptroller Kinney)...
School Board President, Cloyd found himself defending school board positions...

Recently FOIA'd information raised questions as to whether the School Board and it's Superintendent, Grantia Lathan, have been fiscally responsible with the people's credit card. School Board President, Cloyd admitted that [education] "It's the most complex, convoluted environment I've ever worked in." However, Cloyd spoke with confidence when he told those in attendance that "the district has managed finances responsibly."

Sunday, September 15, 2013

District 150's Education Fund a multiple choice question...

What is the best and most "admirable" use of Peoria District 150's Education Fund (i.e., our tax dollars):

A.  Adhering to Sunshine Laws and answering FOIA's

B.  Five Diamond luxury hotel for Administrators and Board Members when traveling
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C.    Educating Children

Friday, June 28, 2013

Time for District 150's Board to reorganize chairs

The District 150 School Board will be electing new leadership, during the Board's reorganization meeting this coming Monday, July 1.

Chris Crawford will not be seeking another one-year term as President, current Vice-President Rick Cloyd will seek the post and he's expected to be challenged by... wait for it... fellow board member Martha Ross.

Debbie Wolfmeyer, at this point, will be running unopposed for Vice-President. Although, board members can make nominations during the meeting.

The reorganization meeting begins at Noon Monday at the district's administration building. July 1 marks the start of the new fiscal year for Peoria Public Schools. Source

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

School Board member calls student behavior 'atrocious'

Yesterday the School Board met as a Committee of the Whole at Washington Gifted School. The issue of discipline was a hot topic, as the Board received a report on student discipline.

Kudos to the Lathan Administration, they seem to be cognizant of the civil rights issues surrounding inconsistent enforcement of problem behaviors in schools and they appear to be working diligently to insure that a discipline policy is instituted that will be applied equally across the District.

There are very few issues that School Board members are vocal about and I am pleased that they are vocal about resolving issues of discipline. However, in my opinion, it is unfortunate to hear a steward of our children’s education speak with such disdain for the clients they serve. I understand the frustrations, but words can hurt. When dealing with children, we must make every effort to temper our emotions.

"I used the term 'atrocious' to describe behavior
last time, I'm going to leave that word in place."
School Board member Rick Cloyd,
referring to an earlier first-quarter report on discipline.