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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Film quotes on public education

Here are quotes taken from various documentaries focusing on public education...

“Waiting for Superman”
• “You wake up every morning and you know that kids are getting a crappy education right now ... Oh, I don’t think they are; I know they are.” -- Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of the Washington, D.C., school system

• “Either the kids are getting stupider every year, or something is wrong in the education system.” -- Geoffrey Canada, president and CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone

• “Your children and future generations are on the bridge of that Titanic, and everyone is going to drown.” -- Davis Guggenheim, director of “Waiting for Superman”

“The Cartel”
• “It is a crime. It’s not terrorists that are going to destroy America. It’s urban public education if we don’t do something about it.” -- Joe Williams, Democrats for Education Reform

• “The teacher tells the parent, ‘Oh, this is a good school.’ When I said, ‘Lady, your kid can’t read or add two and two. What do you mean it is a good school?’” -- Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City

“The Lottery”

• “The problem is not the parents. The problem is not the children. The problem is a system that protects academic failure.” -- Eva Moskowitz, CEO of Success Charter Network (Harlem Success Academy)

“The War on Kids”
• “Kids need to feel safe, not only from other students, but they need to feel safe from the administration and from teachers. And often that’s not the case. Teachers are allowed to bully kids. Administrators are allowed to bully kids.” -- Olga Yatzus, child psychologist