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Thursday, October 3, 2013

A look at the Woodruff Cosmetology Program

Activist, Sharon Crews has provided the blog with extensive information regarding the Woodruff Career and Technical Center Cosmetology class (WCTC), a new vocational program at Woodruff High School.

A look at their website will reveal a very ambitious new program. They have a full menu of services, that are pretty impressive for students. Unfortunately, the lack of transparency surrounding the question as to whether the School Board and it's Superintendent are being fiscally responsible with the public's credit card, opened the door to question every expenditure.

As I looked at the receipts provided by Ms. Crews, of the actual items purchased, I tend to believe that a lot of the purchases were mainly for the cosmetology class. The sheets, pillows, towels, cleaning supplies - it makes sense IMO. 

It appears that the Instructor for the WCTC Cosmetology Class, Mrs. Bolden, was given a gift card because there are a lot of little incidentals that go along with running the program (which Mrs. Bolden knew she needed as she is an experienced stylist). When you consider this is a new and unique program, they had to start from scratch and that could possibly lead to what looks like a buying frenzy.

Because of the unique nature of a cosmetology class, I imagine it would be necessary to have the ability to purchase incidentals as they are depleted, again, IMO, it would make sense for Mrs. Bolden to be given gift cards for that purpose.

Below is the next round of information received from Ms. Crews. The first document will be about receipts, and the second document is an inventory of WCTC. On the end of the second document, you will notice a spread sheet that appears to show that the WCTC Cosmetology Class is making money. Your thoughts...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First look... the new Woodruff Career & Technical Center

Curious about what the former Woodruff High School (now the Woodruff Career & Technical Center) looks like? Well, be sure to catch the "Remarkable Times" program on CAPtions, on August 7th @ 5:00 p.m.

Remarkable Times is the Peoria Public Schools bi-monthly program, which focuses on issues and events in the school district.

This edition includes interviews with various principals: Cindy Clark of Richwoods; Brett Elliott of Peoria High School; Laura Rodgers of Mark Bills, who gives details on the District's new middle years and IB program; Renee Andrews of Trewyn, who discusses the ELITE addition, her staff (which includes 57 new teachers) and transitioning to a K-8 school; Diann Duke gives a first look at Woodruff and discusses the new electives; and Dr. LaToy Kennedy discusses Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) and the incentive program, which will be mandated District wide to insure that discipline policies and procedures will be consistent throughout the District.

Remarkable Times will be broadcast as part of CAPtions on Sunday, August 7 at 5 pm, Wednesday, August 10 at 7 pm & later at Midnight on Peoria Comcast Cable 22. Produced in partnership with PCCEO, Inc.