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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cahill is somewhere smiling...

As previously posted by EmergePeoria:

In a recent TimesObserver article Mr. Cahill stated "the district has no choice but to make cuts if it hopes to maintain the A+ bond rating it now has from Standard & Poor’s."

The District knew that they could loose their A+ rating if they didn't close schools. If they had made the tough decision to close schools the first time, we wouldn't be in this predicament now.

The Journal Star is reporting that on April 6, Hinton will recommend closing two primary schools. Only two—will that be enough? What about the high school situation?

What two schools do you think the District will be closing? Why the two with the least amount of resistance (i.e., south of War Memorial), of course. As a result the children in the black community, those who are the most vulnerable, will bear the brunt of the burden to cut costs.

"But there is a caveat", the Journal Star has done a little in depth reporting and are actually giving those that may oppose a heads up on what it would take to defeat the District’s attempt to seek bonds to cover the deficit:

This is just me speculating, but as long as the District stays South of War Memorial and only close primary schools—I don’t think they will meet any opposition.