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Monday, December 27, 2010

School clubs - a safe place to belong

The value of middle and high school children being able to participate in clubs and extra curriculars should not be taken for granted. As a student, the clubs I participated in were: gymnastics, tumbling, dance, cheerleading, pompoms, art, basketball, track, and volleyball. As a result, the years of attentive and continuous coaching through my formative years, have helped me become the disciplined individual I am today.

A high school student’s perspective on the value of clubs…
People, especially around adolescence, feel a strong sense of loneliness. When you're lonely, it's difficult for hope to grow. Some adolescents often believe that there is no reason to really try at anything because the end doesn't vary, regardless of how you got there.

They don't seem to realize that the road to the end is the best part, simply because they have no one close to point it out.

In order to increase the rate of high school graduates, schools should promotes clubs and other school communities. A byproduct of promoting school communities is the formation of bonds. Adolescents spend time with people who they share the same qualities, values, strengths, and weaknesses. People see how many people are like them. They gain friendship and companionship. These friends will provide an unspoken encouragement for success and ambition. They might even inspire competition, the drive for improvement. They will do many things for students, and won't stop at encouraging students, but will continue on to help students realize that the journey is meant to be enjoyed.

The best part about this plan is that it is budget friendly. Clubs can hold their own fundraisers if the need of funds should ever arise. Students can manage themselves; responsibility is another welcome side effect. The members of the club will learn to depend on others; a skill valuable if they should ever find themselves in a position where interactions are involved.

We're all lonely people. It'll do us all a great deal if we knew that sometimes life isn't as lonely as we make it out to be. Humans are social creatures. Would it be so wrong for me to infer that people would do much better if there's someone doing it with them, no matter what they want to accomplish? Source

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