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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Students pleading with District 150 Administration to make the school safe so they can get their education find themselves censored

 I finally got a chance to take a close up look at the recently censored article which was written by students at Richwood High School for their student newspaper. My first thought after reading the piece... this doesn't sound like any Richwoods High School I have ever known! Wow, what's going on out there in the best high school in Peoria?

I find it interesting that all of the things that Richwoods students are alleged to be getting away with - they come down hard on at Manual. There are some students at Manual who are said to have violated the dress code and who are now wearing uniforms (in accordance with the current policy). Why is the discipline policy being applied so stringently in one school and not the other(s)?

Excerpts from the censored article...

Misbehavior in the halls translates to misbehavior in the classroom. A poor classroom atmosphere then, results in a poor education.

We have seen an increase in cell phone and mp3 usage in the halls and in the classroom. We have also seen a rather lax dress code enforcement, thus students are able to wear pretty much whatever they please.

... a group of students placed a young lady in an empty trash can during lunch and pushed the trash can down part of the terrazzo. They only faced a light verbal chastisement.

... the halls are rowdy, and, quite honestly, a scary place to be.

Some students genuinely fear for their safety at school... Growth is stunted by fear of physical or psychological harm.

There should be stricter policies to curb the rise in texting, dress code violations, fights, rowdy hallway behavior, and plain rude behavior in classes.

This administration needs to lay down the law and enforce it well. Students need to abide by the rules that are set forth, and common sense.