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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Should schools offer incentives for good behavior/parent participation?

Did you know that some schools in District 150 are now giving school "bucks" to students who exhibit good behavior? With these bucks, you can go to the school store and purchase everything from Doritos to pencils to entry to the school's basketball game.

What's considered good behavior? Oh, stuff like... turning in your homework = 5 bucks; incomplete but turn in homework = 2 bucks; respectful in class = 6 bucks; helping teacher = 10 bucks; being quiet in class = 1 buck each. Depending on exactly what the school store is stocked with, these bucks can be a teacher's best friend. Get some good junk food like hot Cheetos or pickles, you could possibly get some bad kids to let you have the floor in your classroom. How about that?

One District 150 School is holding their parent teacher conferences today from 8:30 to noon, with a second scheduled time on Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. In my opinion, these are very convenient times - every parent should be able to make it, right? But wait, the school is offering an incentive... a free lunch at McDonald's to the first three classes that have 100% parent participation. This just might be the carrot the kids need to hound parents to get their behinds up to the school - the hopes of getting a junk food meal from McDonald's.

Sometimes these little food and gift incentives work to get students and their parents to do what they should already be doing, but they are a bandaid and soon lose their luster. I mean come on, kids go to McDonald's all the time. Time to offer something like Red Lobster. 

All sarcasm aside, I just think it's unfortunate that schools are now bribing people with junk food, in the hopes that they will be a responsible student, parent, and/or citizen and just wish we could come up with something else.

What do you think, should schools offer students and parents incentives? If they do, what kind of incentives should they be?