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Monday, October 29, 2012

You sir, are a Sexist Pig!

Imagine looking for a job in this economy and being lucky enough to finally get an interview. In an effort to prepare for the interview, you Google the name of the people you will be meeting with.

How would you feel if the person who would be your supervisor (if you got the job); the person you must impress, had a Facebook page that listed the Facebook page below, as one of their likes?


Let’s Expose These Hoes (LETH) ... Here's how it works: if you have naked or sexy photos of women, send them to the LETH website and they’ll put them on blast for you. Because, you know, these women are “hoes,” and they need to be “exposed,” get it? It appears that most of the women on LETH took these photos of themselves and sent them to someone they probably trusted.

Women should know better, but they seem to continue to make the mistake of trusting someone to keep her photos private. However, being stupid or naive doesn't mean a person deserves to have her life destroyed; nor does it make her a “hoe.”

The respect shown for women on these sort of pages is non-existent. The people accessing and “liking” the page, are in all likelihood doing it because they want to see the pictures AND they have a very low opinion of women.

Any person who is STOOPID enough to "like" this page, is a Sexist Pig and shouldn't be allowed to make hiring or firing decisions. Personally, I wouldn't care to work for any company that would have a manager who would subscribe to something like this. Interview cancelled.

I even saw that a local pastor "liked" the page. You can best believe, you won't see me or mine at that "church."