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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The drama in the 1st District Council race continues...

as Gary Sandberg is reportedly looking to appeal the Election Commission's decision to remove his name from the 1st District ballot.

From reading comments on this and other blogs, here is what I can deduce at this juncture...


Supposedly, Sandberg was concerned that Emert can't beat Moore. Before Moore had shown any interest of running in the 1st, Sandberg had encouraged Emert to run for the council and actually seemed to "like" Emert. According to Emert, that has changed, cause Sandberg spent 35 minutes saying nasty things about him the other day and didn't shake his hand before saying them.

Sandberg, sees Moore as just moore of the same (i.e., the status quo). Sandberg, believing that Moore could beat Emert, didn't want to sit by and let her take the 1st (which he really cares about), so he "established residency" and then put his name in put his name in and went about "establishing residency."

Now, allegedly, "the powers that be," (i.e., the Mayor and nem) want Moore on the Council. For that reason, the fix was in at the Election Commission (i.e., LaColis Reed a/ka/ the black guy on the Election Commission) to boot Sandberg from the ballot. 

NOW that Sandberg has been booted, Moore has a clear chance of winning the 1st over Emert (you know, cause Emert is white and the 1st is predominately black). Drama.

Again, this is all sheer speculation based upon comments being made by people who are involved with the situation directly and peripherally.