Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Peoria's dysfunctional black community... thanks to the Superintendent of Schools

Really Peoria?

Diamond Blank Stare

Am I the only person who has noticed how Peoria's black community is divided these days? The NAACP is not Team Granita Lathan and the Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce is Team Granita Lathan. Really?

Guess what folks, our community does not have time for such dysfunction. The black community needs to be working together - we don't need to be divided by outside influences and Granita Lathan is just that - an outside influence.

In the meantime, school districts all around District 150 are making gains, while we sit around Peoria allowing our voices to be divided and conquered. Have you noticed that neither side is winning?

Why are we allowing this to happen? Who is benefitting from all of this chaos in and around our schools?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

District #150 "lawyer" misinterprets the Peoria County States Attorney

There have been several posts on this blog about the misuse of p-cards by District #150. Activist, Sharon Crews, who has led the charge, along with Terry Knapp, recently turned all documentation over to the Peoria County States Attorney. The documents were also reviewed by the Peoria Police Department, and were the subject of a joint meeting between police and Brady's office.

On Tuesday, it was reported by several different news outlets that Brady, in a letter dated August 27, 2014 to Crews and Knapp, exonerated the District of any wrong doing by stating "there doesn't appear to be anything criminal about Peoria District 150's use of P-Cards."

However, what Brady stated is while the "limited information" does not support criminal charges, "In order to further evaluate the propriety of use of P-Cards, all card users would need to be interviewed. If the school district proceeds to do so and this information discloses unauthorized use, further review by the Peoria Police Department could occur."Source

This is the spin that District 150 put on that edict...

District 150's Chief Legal Officer, Rick Rettberg, tells 1470 & 100.3 WMBD that's already been done [the interviews].

"It's a rigorous review process," says Rettberg. "I know it's a problem (Crews and Knapp) keep coming back to, but I don't see anything there."

Reacting to Brady saying the information does not support criminal charges, Rettberg says, "That letter was written by a lawyer and I'm a lawyer and I've read it. I think Mr. Brady and I are speaking the same language." Source
District 150 board members and its chief legal officer used terms ranging from “neutral” to “non-committal” to describe the contents of Brady’s letter. Board President Debbie Wolfmeyer said the review must not have raised any red flags because neither the Police Department or the state’s attorney’s office asked the district for more information. Source

Today, the Peoria County State's Attorney sought to correct District #150, "lawyer" Rettberg on his efforts to "speak the same language."

Peoria School District 150 board members may be satisfied with their review of employees’ use of purchasing cards, but Peoria County State’s Attorney Jerry Brady is not.

Brady said Tuesday he wants District 150 to review administrators’ expenditures on the cards, which are similar to company credit cards. “In the event the district chooses not to proceed, I’ve got to make some decisions about whether or not I choose to proceed.”

His response adds a little more clarification to the position he took in a letter, dated Aug. 27, to Sharon Crews and Terry Knapp, two retired teachers who, for months, have lobbied for an independent investigation of District 150 administrators’ use of the cards, known as p-cards.

Brady said, based on the limited information presented to him, there was no sufficient basis to determine if the spending in question was for District 150’s benefit or was unauthorized spending.

“That’s consistent throughout the records,” Brady said.

Whether or not spending was authorized is significant in determining criminal conduct, Brady wrote in the letter. Source
Sounds like the Board needs to get busy and order an audit of Administration. To be continued...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This dude right here...

Love love love this shirt Rep. Aaron Shock is wearing. I want this for the hubby. Anybody know what/who it is?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Title 1 monies - the educator's key to summer travel

From Activist, Sharon Crews:

Last Monday night's BOE put me into the thick of Title I because almost all of their travel was paid for with Title I funds--registration fees, food, transportation, lodging.

They spent $273,663.45 for summer travel
They spent $34,131.91 1st semester
They spent $80,612.29 2nd semester

For the whole year, they spent $288,179 with Title I money for travel.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Anonymous - #OpFerguson ... engaged

Anonymous' "Op Ferguson" Says It Will ID the Officer Who Killed Michael Brown

The hacktivists have also been going after the city's computer systems. Read more...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

City of Toledo, Ohio DO NOT DRINK THE WATER!

Yikes! this is scary... Lake Erie is contaminated with algae!
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The City of Toledo issued an urgent notice to residents of Toledo and Lucas County who receive water from the city of Toledo.

Customers are being asked to avoid drinking or boiling water.

Chemists testing water at Toledo's Collins Park Water Treatment Plant had two sample readings for microcystin.

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins says the United States EPA has requested multiple samples since the initial positive tests. Results of those tests are not expected until Sunday afternoon at the earliest, but Collins says "everything is trending in a positive direction."

The health department says it is critical that residents know the following:

1. It is safe for healthy adults to bathe, wash their hands, and shower. While bathing, children should be under the supervision of an adult to prevent accidental drinking of the water.

2. Do not drink tap water until the all clear is given, this also includes pets.

3. Do not use tap water to cook until the all clear is given.

4. Do not boil tap water.

5. It is ok to use and flush your toilet.


Main & University... another accident

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Four years later... Lathan's distrust of Schau bites taxpayers.

“At the end of the day, when you don’t have trust in the person responsible for the finances of the district, you’re left to wonder what will happen to the district.
Grenita Lathan, Tuesday in the second day of trial testimony in the Schau federal lawsuit against the district. Source

Click image to enlarge.

Is this proof positive that Granita Lathan is a bully?

Jump to page 4...

Change 150 thinks so...

Peoria, IL July 29, 2014 -- Change150 has been asked for a response to the recent ruling by the administrative law judge for the state's Educational Labor Relations Board that says comments PDS150 Superintendent Grenita Lathan made during a bargaining session with the district's police union's bargaining unit in September, 2011 constituted a threat.

Unfortunately, the leaders of Change150, our supporters and many of the residents and parents within District 150 are not surprised by this ruling as it formally documents what we have been hearing from District 150 employees since the start of our crusade - principals are being berated in their monthly meetings, teachers and parents are being met with cold, hostile attitudes when they ask questions of the Superintendent and certain administrators and valued employees are being terminated for daring to have opinions. 
“I hope this ruling is a wake-up call to Dr. Lathan and her supporters that they can’t treat people this way. Hopefully she will look in the mirror, take responsibility for her actions, learn from this, and embrace a healthier and more effective style of leadership," said Jim Powell, President of Change150. 

Also not surprising is Superintendent Lathan’s response, which stated, “The finding by the Administrative Law Judge in this regard does not result in any penalty to the Board of Education or School District, other than posting a notice for 60 days."

Sadly, her response is just another example of her cavalier attitude and pattern of not accepting responsibility for her actions. In our opinion, a good, well-liked, successful leader would be mortified to have to publically promise to:

“NOT threaten our employees, or otherwise interfere with our employees’ right to file grievances over their terms and conditions of employment” and “NOT in any like or related manner, interfere with, restrain or coerce our employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed them in the Act.

University & Main... accident with injuries...

No doubt, the first of many.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Forget the Mayor (for a minute)... Check out Shaun Livingston in the playoffs!

Glen Oak Historic area doughnut shop robbed at gunpoint

A couple of things. This doughnut shop is around the corner from what is known as "down state's largest trauma center," OSF Saint Francis. It is not in the East Bluff... AND
Two people from surrounding businesses called this robbery in while it was taking place, how the heck did the PPD let this one get away?
"... fled on foot, heading south on North Knoxville Avenue." (i.e., towards the hospitals)

That little birdie is making a lot of noise...

The mayor of Peoria, Ill., might have saved his Police Department and a handful of residents some grief if he had just joined Twitter.

Instead, someone set up a phony but official-looking Twitter account in the name of Mayor Jim Ardis and proceeded to tweet about drugs, sexual exploits and even crack-smoking Rob Ford, the disgraced Toronto mayor who's seeking reelection.

Although Twitter suspended the account, the fraud was reported to the Peoria Police Department, which launched an investigation because the account impersonated a public official, a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail, Police Lt. Willie King Jr. told The Times on Thursday.

As part of their probe, investigators executed a search warrant at a local home earlier this week. Five people were questioned in connection to the scandalous tweets, the Peoria Journal Star reported. Several electronic devices were seized.

The raid yielded one arrest — for marijuana possession.

Police believe the account creator is from the area, but King said a suspect has yet to be identified.

“We’re just still in investigation mode and don’t have a suspect in custody,” King said, declining to comment on whether additional searches have been done. “We have a couple of forensic guys that do this type of crime investigation. If they come up with things, we look into them.”

Although Twitter welcomes parody accounts, there must be a clear mention that the account is just that. In violation of Twitter policy, the account in question reportedly showed a picture of Ardis, listed his email address in the "about" section and made no mention in the account name of being a fake.

The Journal Star reported that the account had about 50 tweets and 50 followers.

The mayor didn’t comment — in person or via social media — on the investigation. Source