Saturday, September 3, 2016

Crime: Rampant on the East Bluff

July 29, 2016 – Homicide, teenager, 400 Block of East Republic
August 1, 2016 – Break in broad daylight (4 other neighbors reported attempted burglaries)
August 12, 2016 – One person shot Gas USA McClure @ Prospect
August 24, 2016 – Armed carjacking Atlantic @ McClure
August 26, 2016 – Multiple shots fired Virginia, Atlantic @ Prospect
August 29, 2016 – Two people shot from moving vehicles,  900 block of Republic
August 30, 2016 – Graffiti and gun shots, East Republic Street
August 31, 2016 – One person shot, 1900 block of Knoxville
September 1, 2016 – One person shot, Indiana @ Thrush
September 3, 2016 – One person shot, Indiana @ Arcadia

East Bluff Special Service District Tax monies should be going towards fighting the high levels of crime in the East Bluff neighborhoods.

East Bluff: Another shooting...

Indiana @ Arcadia... Crime scene 700 Block of ArCadia... DEVELOPING...

Peoria Police chasing bullets all night

Source 1470WMBD

There was a shooting in Downtown Peoria last night at Hoops.  The victim was shot in the leg.  From the September 23, 2016 pjstar:
Hoops is "near Club Purple"...
Additionally, there was more shooting this morning, with two victims of gun shot wounds found at 908 Garfield. Shots were fired from a car with four male occupants. Police have the name of a suspect and is currently attempting to locate.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

UPDATED East Bluff: More shooting and chasing last night

Check the scanner traffic archives and you'll find the the PPD was busy chasing down bullets again last night but there's no report in today's newspaper...

12:09 p.m., Thursday - FINALLY, a newspaper report:

Two more sent to hospital in second night of overnight Peoria gunfire

A 28-year-old man was found at about 1 a.m. near the intersection of Indiana And Thrush avenues, apparently with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. He was taken to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center where he underwent surgery. His condition wasn't immediately available.

Less than 30 minutes before that, another man, 26, suffered a grazing wound to his chest. He had initially run away from police but was caught within minutes and then taken to OSF. His condition wasn't immediately available either.

Then at 2:12 a.m., police were sent to the 2100 block of North Bourland Avenue after the Shotspotter gunfire detection system indicated that seven shots had been fired in the area. When officers arrived, they found several .45-caliber shell casings in the street and a bullet strike on the side of a house directly in front of where the casings were found. A resident at that house said he had been sleeping and heard the shot and thought one of the bullets had struck his house. No victims were found in connection with the Bourland Avenue incident.

According the latest booking sheet, there was no one in the Peoria County Jail on charges related to these incidents.

Just one more example of why all of the East Bluff Special Service District Tax monies should be going towards fighting crime in the East Bluff neighborhoods.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Three Shootings last night includes one in the East Bluff

Police were called to three shootings beginning just before midnight Tuesday.

The first shooting was reported in the 1900 block of N. Knoxville. One person was shot and taken to the hospital.

A second shooting was called in just before 2:00 a.m. Wednesday in the 2300 block of Wiswall. One person was shot and transported to the hospital.

A third shooting was called in just minutes later at 2:05 a.m. Wednesday in the 2300 block of N.University. Two people were shot and taken to the hospital.

There is no word if the incidents are related.

Source: CIProud

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

East Bluff: ANOTHER shooting...

Alleged Gang Possibly Behind Recent Shooting

Graffiti was reportedly left at the scene of a shooting on East Republic Street in Peoria.

The graffiti read “R.I.P. Duey,” the nickname of Peoria’s most recent homicide victim, Aubrae Harper, 17. News partner 25 News reports the graffiti was discovered outside a home on East Republic Street after neighbors say they heard 23 gunshots.

Police think multiple shooters were involved based on a shotspotter alert.

A man in a white shirt and dread-locks was seen running down the street after the shooting.

Police think the graffiti left at the scene was anti-Mo-Block, a known gang in the area.

The shooting came two days after a drive-by shooting at Harper’s memorial service in the 900 block of Republic.

Police didn’t find anyone with injuries. They have no suspects at this point.

From 1470WMBD

Monday, August 29, 2016

East Bluff: Shoot out last night

This is the newspaper report:

This is the blow-by-blow from the local Community Forum, who was listening to the live scanner feed:
  • East bluff going stupid 3rd report of shot spotter possible one victims so far. Truck crashed as result in fence. House shot up on delaware.
  • "Poppy" was one of the shooters
  • 71 listeners on the scanner! I'm listening to the play-by-play. . .
  • Cops afraid some one trying to snag evidence from scene.
  • They're on the other side of Glen Oak School!
  • They're sending out the wagon!
  • Dog is tracking south of school.
  • Why has the scanner suddenly gone silent?
  • Waiting for dog to pick up on the trail.
  • Almost shift change. . . .We won't hear a whole lot for a while unless somebody else does something stupid.
  • I thought they already caught the 2 who fled from the car.
  • There was a car and a SUV that were shooting in the 900 block of republic, so they're still looking for suspects from the other car
  • Got 2 suspect sat delaware and ravine moving to wis and republic
  • They're still out with the dog. We're close to having a winner!!
  • 2 vehicles being impounded think the suspects are from one of them and still looking for other car people.
  • Back tracking means they lost trail on the other frye and maryland.
  • 100 listeners on the stream.
  • Calling the track. NO luck finding them.
  • Shooting victim just showed up at OSF
  • They found the driver.
  • Found car maryland and republic back window shot out. possible victim showed up at hospital.
  • Depends on who is doing the feed regular scanner going fine.
  • Driver from hospital is walking away from hospital. cops may have just found him.
  • Positive ID on the 2 in custody. (Heard on Prep 3)
  • Just saw one of the tow trucks go to get one of the impounds. They all seem to be giving up since its past shift change.

Just one more example of why all of the East Bluff Special Service District Tax monies should be going towards fighting the high levels of crime in the East Bluff neighborhoods.

Peoria mayor hopes to serve another term

Question #1 - What will you do to combat crime?

Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis announced Monday he plans to run for another term.

He'll begin collecting petitions Tuesday for the Spring 2017 election.

Ardis is already lining up his key supporters, including state and local lawmakers, law enforcement leaders, and other Peoria leaders.

Ardis took on the role of the city's mayor in 2005. Prior to that, he spent six years on city council.

Source: CIProud

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Disparity in arrests greater than what is reported

... and the PJStar's race data is more than likely inaccurate.

Click here to read the Peoria Journal Star article... 

In February of 2016, a concerned citizen contacted City Councilman Chuck Grayeb, Rita Ali  who is the Co-Chair of the city’s Advisory Committee on Police Community Relations, and County Board member Rachael Parker, regarding what was believed to be discrepancies around the race data that was put on the record, when people are booked into the Peoria County Jail.

Grayeb gave an immediate response and mentioned in passing how important it was that the Department of Justice have accurate information; he brought County Board Chairman, Andrew Rand, Police Chief Jerry Mitchell, City Manager Patrick Ulrich and Mayor Jim Ardis in on the conversation.

Ali advised that the Peoria Community Police Advisory Committee would review what was happening in their next meeting (February). 

In the PJStar's continuing series outlining how unfortunate it is to be Black in Peoria, they take a look at "the frequency African Americans are involved in the justice system compared to their percentage of the population."

The article references the Peoria County Daily Commitment Report as follows: 
"It’s a quantifiably popular feature of the Journal Star’s website — the daily listing and photographs of people arrested and booked into Peoria County Jail. Frequently it is in the top ranks of the most viewed items posted on

Daily viewers of the rows of photos of the county’s most recent arrested inmates can’t help but be struck by one obvious fact — there is a preponderance of African-American faces staring into the lens of the county jail booking camera on any given day. Angry. Smiling. Blank. Scared.
Statistics back up what eyes and minds behold from the daily booking sheet. African Americans are involved in the justice system at rates disproportionate to population numbers."
Back in November of 2015, EmergePeoria raised the issue of the discrepancies in booking and posted this:

While the writer in the PJStar article talks about how African Americans who appear in the Daily Commitment Report "look," he fails to mention noticing that there appears to be a discrepancy in who is booked as Black "B" (or "African-American"), White "W", Hispanic "H", Mexican "M", or Other "O" (whatever that means). As a result, chances are that more than likely, there's a problem in the numbers that appear in his article.

Even though it was promised in February that the problem of recording inaccurate race data when booking would be reviewed and corrected, it continues. Below is a small unscientific sampling:

There are five naturalization ceremonies planned for Peoria this year. Peoria's demographic is changing, and our City needs to insure the data is recorded accurately.

Friday, August 26, 2016

East Bluff: Another shooting - Atlantic @ Virginia...

... multiple shots fired, heavy PPD presence in the area. One person is currently in custody, however, PPD continues to search for the weapon. Search for a second suspect continuing in the area of Arcadia and Indiana.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The problem with domestic violence in Peoria...

... there's a lot of it. Don't believe me, take a look at today's Commitment Report.  A review of previous reports will show there's an on-going problem.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Saving homes in the East Bluff isn't part of the plan

Why are Third District Councilman Tim Riggenbach and associates with the East Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services (“EBNHS”) acting as if they are surprised that houses are now being demolished in the East Bluff?

There is no plan or real desire to save historical homes on the East Bluff. Why? Because it would be contrary to the so called "neighborhood revitalization initiative" involving the Greater Peoria Local Initiative Support Corp. ("LISC"), EBNHS, Chicago-based IFF developers, the state of Illinois and the city of Peoria.

In an article that ran in the March 15, 2016 Peoria Journal Star, Riggenbach credited LISC for being awarded a $3 million grant from the Illinois Attorney General to help fund the initiative. The money came from the state’s share of settlement funds from national foreclosure suits against a variety of banks (not clear if this includes US Bank, the owner of the now demolished Frye property).

In the March article, the executive director of  LISC, said his organization looks to build six single-family homes in the East Bluff while rehabbing eight others. The work is to be completed in the next two years.

In the same article, Riggenbach said that 20 dilapidated homes in the East Bluff are scheduled to be demolished in 2016, adding that a recent LISC program involved 120 projects in 60 different East Bluff homes. Those projects range from applying lipstick new paint, to putting on a new porch in some homes.

A look at the work being done on the rehabbed homes will show that the work is sub-par and in several instances, the residents have complained to the EBNHS. One porch in particular was torn out accidentally and had to be replaced, while the concrete stairs on a house in the 1800 block of Wisconsin remain unfinished for close to a year.

The EBNHS, who is responsible for hiring the contractors to work on the rehabbed homes, recently ran out of money claiming “unforeseen expenses” rehabbing the homes in the Community Core. Those unforeseen expenses are said to include a new furnace for one property, garage repairs for another property, something that cost $4,337.57, something that cost $10,109.80 and something else that cost $15,000.

The East Bluff Neighborhood Special Services District Contract between EBNHS and the City of Peoria, was recently revised to allow LISC to restructure the EBNHS Board, following a retreat with the City of Peoria.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Everything you need to vote...

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Black Lives Matter: A lesson for those who care to learn

Cartoonist Kris Straub has come up with a simple, cartoon strip
that neatly summarizes the stupidity of such arguments.

A simple, quick lesson on the Black Lives Matter movement vs making the flip statement that “All Lives Matter."

To argue that Black Lives Matter, is not the same as arguing that others don’t – simply imagine a silent “too” at the end of the movements name. It’s just there is a major issue that we need some special focus on right now – like the burning house.

Black Lives Matter is an urgent call to action, but All Lives Matter is just a glib sentiment. The difference is as stark as that between “I love you”, and “Don’t you just love people?!”

It is easier for those who might benefit from this unjust status quo to flat-out deny it exists, than to check their own privilege.

Should all lives matter? Yes. Do they? No. That’s why we need the Black Lives Matter movement and a president smart and progressive enough to understand that.  Source

Friday, August 12, 2016

East Bluff: Strong PPD presence McClure & Prospect

Possible convenience store shooting... and WMBD TV was at the scene. A victim showed up at Methodist with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. PPD not sure if the shooting took place at the gas station.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

SEVERAL members of Peoria's Black community...

UPDATED: Video from last nights' City Council meeting. Jump to the Citizens' Opportunity to Address the City Council @ the 1:45 mark.

Call for At-Large City Councilwoman Beth Akeson to resign. Letting the Council know that they are not pleased with their decision to remain silent in the wake of Akeson's tweets, BLMPeoria and supporters have formally put the Council on notice.

The meeting was inclusive of a constituent of First District Councilwoman Denise Moore letting her know "exactly" how many feel about the new grocery store that replaced Aldi.

Check back here tomorrow for a more thorough account of exactly what transpired at one of the Peoria City Council's most interesting meetings Ever!

At-Large Councilwoman claims tweets regarding Black Lives Matter was a "mistake"

UPDATED with video:

It was mentioned on Twitter that Akeson met with "African-American leaders" before her press conference. Who What Where When and Why hasn't that been reported?

Akeson stated that none of her colleagues on the Council have asked her about her tweets, but indicated that they may be discussing it behind her back.


This afternoon, before a packed house, Peoria City Councilwoman Beth Akeson addressed racist tweets aimed towards people who she claimed are "ill equipped" to have children and Black Lives Matter, calling the tweets a mistake:

Photos and tweets from Ryan Piers of  WMBD1470
Although  a reporter from Peoria Journal Star was present at today's press conference, this story has been brewing for more than a week, and the Peoria Journal Star has not yet published a report.  In the meantime, WMBD 1470 and WMBD 31 have done a great job of covering the story, with Shane Gustafson's coverage of the story resulting in his being blocked from Councilwoman Akeson's Twitter page.

Read Shane's play by play from the press conference here. Watch WMBD31 News for the full story.

Photo: Shane Gustafson WMBD31 Twitter

Change Peoria and Illinois State Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth...

found tweets of At-Large Peoria City Councilwoman Beth Akeson disturbing and important enough to make a statement against them. However, the local newspaper has yet to run a single article on anything related to the unfortunate tweets that Akeson sent to the City of Peoria via the #Peoria hashtag.

First District Councilwoman Denise Moore, who reportedly thinks Akeson’s tweets reflect poorly on Peoria City Council, is the only member of the Council who has commented. Moore told 1470WMBD:
“Everyone is entitled to their opinion. One would hope that the opinion that someone expresses is based on having all the facts. In this particular case, I don’t believe that was the case. My hope is that she takes the time to become learned about issues prior to making such public statements.
Change Peoria is calling on Akeson to meet with Black Lives Matter Peoria, concerning the controversial tweets, which many view as racist. Members and supporters of BLMPeoria plan to attend tonight's City Council meeting in protest.

Akeson, has since planned a press conference for this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. at Peoria City Hall. The Open Discussion, which was planned with BLMPeoria and Akeson for Wednesday, August 10, 2016, has been postponed. Akeson will be a guest on WMBD’s Greg and Dan Show at 7:40 a.m. Wednesday. From the BLMPeoria Facebook page:

Click here to go to  BLMPeoria Facebook Page

Friday, August 5, 2016

Call to action for Peoria's Black community to address Beth Akeson Tweets

Click here to review the video...
BLMPeoria's Facebook page is featuring a video from Ms. Chama St. Louis addressing her disappointment at tweets that At-Large Councilwoman Beth Akeson sent to the City of Peoria (#Peoria) and the Black Lives Matter (#BLM) national group. The video is a thoughtful and passionate call to action to Peoria's Black community, who Ms. St. Louis (and others) feel need to step up.

Akeson, first tweeted a derogatory statement on July 11, 2016, and then followed up with a shout out to @BLM and @DonaldTrump on August 16, 2016. 

On July 13, 2016, State Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth and Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis attended a vigil in Peoria that was held after the shooting deaths of two black men at the hands of police officers. At that time, the Mayor made the following statement:
Mayor Ardis:  I think that the “black lives matter” is extremely relevant and I don't think it's a racist statement, I think people are getting a little bit hung up. Nobody said black lives matter more than anybody else's. People don't need to be afraid to say, ‘you're right black lives do matter".
Recently At-large Councilwoman Beth Jensen called for a resolution to support Muslim citizens against "Islamophobia." Councilwoman Akeson was the lone no vote (9-1) on the resolution.

Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth:  “We have to remain unified if we want our communities to be strong and have the ability to flourish because communities divided, fall! What they're saying is that black lives matter, too or black lives matter also, or black lives matter as well. [They’re] not saying that black lives are any more important than anyone else’s but I think what they are saying that black lives aren't any less important than anyone else's.” 
“The fact of the matter of it is there's a great deal of anger out there. Individuals are tired of waking up every day and seeing men, whether it be for having skittles, an iced tea, selling a CD, selling a loose cigarette going for their license an ID people are tired of seeing them killed on video and nothing happening, People are tired of abject violence and seeing police officers who are trying to protect and serve the community and trying to provide an environment so that a peaceful protest can happen. For them to not be able to go home to their families; it's unacceptable."

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Black Lives Matter Peoria to meet with Councilwoman Beth Akeson

Councilwoman's tweets prompt advocates to take action - from CiProud
Recent tweets made by At-Large-Councilwoman Beth Akeson has caused an uproar. The tweets, take direct aim at Black Lives Matter and are viewed by many as racist. The Tweets have since been deleted and Councilwoman Akeson's Twitter page is now locked. (Click images to enlarge.)

Councilwoman's tweets prompt advocates to take action - from CiProud

As a result Black Lives Matter Peoria has opened discussions with Akeson about her Tweets and will be sponsoring an Open Discussion/Town hall Meeting:

BLMPeoria Facebook page.

Monday, August 1, 2016

East Bluff break-in in broad daylight

This story has not been reported in the local media.

On what was a beautiful, Friday afternoon members of the neighborhood watch on the 2400 block of N. Atlantic saw what they believed to be two young men enter the home of a neighbor who had just left for work. The PPD was called and they spent close to thirty minutes trying to talk the culprit out of the home. 

While watching the incident take place, the neighbors talked and discovered that there had been four other attempted break-ins in the area, within the last month.

Police preparing to climb in through the window; the officer couldn't fit.

Friday, July 29, 2016

NAACP calls for national moratorium on charter schools

Last week at the NAACP National Convention in Cincinnati, the delegates voted in a new resolution on charter schools. It’s approval as policy will not be official until the National Board meeting in the Fall of 2016. However, this is a big news story that (I suspect because of the political conventions) has not yet entered the traditional media.

The 2016 NAACP convention voted and approved the following resolution. It originated from the California Hawaii NAACP.

The 2016 NAACP delegates at the national convention called for a moratorium on the proliferation of privately managed charters.

NAACP chapters in various places have gone rogue supporting charters— know that the force of the national organization is NOT on their side. Read more here...


As the charter school turns ... over

PEORIA — High turnover, of staff and on the board, was a running theme Thursday at the Quest Charter School board meeting.

Though board members didn’t specifically discuss staff turnovers, it was on the periphery of discussions about the budget, staff bonuses, and a back-to-school update. Read more here...

Homicide on the East Bluff

Another clear example of why Special Service District monies should be applied to public safety rather than the low income rental program that Councilman Riggenbach is pushing on the neighborhood.

Thursday evening residents got the rare opportunity to speak with Councilman Riggenbach and Chief of Police Jerry Mitchell about crime in the East Bluff. And then this...

Police are investigating the death of a man found shot in the back yard of an East Bluff house late Thursday.

The victim was found about 10:23 p.m. in the yard of a house in the 400 block of East Republic Street. The man was pronounced dead at the scene, according to a news release from the Police Department.

Earlier in the evening, about 8:48 p.m., a ShotSpotter gunfire detection alert summoned officers to the same block on Republic. However, at the time, police found nothing that would indicate a crime scene.


East Bluff residents discuss quality of life concerns with local figures
Police investigating Thursday night homicide
409 republic male down in yard not breathing

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This is what OSF should be doing in the East Bluff

Johns Hopkins University will give dozens of its employees $36,000 grants toward buying a house in the East Baltimore Development Inc. development during a one-day sale on September 10.

The grant is available to most full-time benefit-eligible employees. The money can go toward buying one of the 42 houses near on 1700 block of Eager Street or renovated rowhouses located on Washington, McDonogh or Chester streets.

The grants, paid for by Johns Hopkins' "Live Near Your Work" program, is part of a larger effort to bring new life to the Towns at Eager Park development area, said Andy Frank, special adviser to Johns Hopkins University's president.

"We want to focus on building a large and diverse community," he said. "We really want to create excitement for this new area and want our employees to take advantage of it."

The new homes, three-story brick-front, one-car garage houses built by Ryan Homes, start at $260,000. Home buyers could get an additional $10,000 if the they use Ryan Homes mortgage loan company.

Johns Hopkins' website suggests home buyers to take advantage of a city tax credit for the first five years of ownership, which starts at 50 percent tax reduction.

Though Johns Hopkins has not said where the one day sale will take place, grants are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Read more here...

Monday, July 25, 2016

Request to reconsider funds issued to East Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services on Agenda

At last week's City Council Meeting the Council voted unanimously to release funds from the East Bluff Special Taxing District to the East Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services. This week, there is a request to reconsider:

City Council Agenda, July 26, 2016 - Everything you need to vote. - Everything you need to vote.: Register to vote. Check your registration status. Get your absentee ballot. Fast, free, easy, secure, nonpartisan.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

What's up with the East Bluff Special Taxing District?

The East Bluff Health & Safety Loan (H&S Loan) is designed for East Bluff homeowners in need of financial help in bringing their properties up to health and safety standards. The Health and Safety Loan is made possible by Special Service District (SSD) funds and EBNHS funds. 

In a letter to the City of Peoria, dated May 26, 2016, the East Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services (EBNHS) disclosed that it failed to meet the Health and Safety Loan Program match of $10,109.80 for 2015. Additionally, they have admitted that another $29,447.37 was diverted from the Health and Safety Loan Program.

EBNHS has not disclosed exactly what the diverted tax monies were used for.

EBNHS submitted a plan to pay back the monies to the Health and Safety Loan Program, which included raising rents, and an immediate repayment of $10,000, made possible by a donation. 

A check of the minutes for the EBNHS show no discussion of any deficit in or diversion of the Health and Safety Loan Program monies; nor is there any mention of receiving the donation; or any mention of the decision to divert the donation. Below is a draft of the minutes for the May 19, 2016 EBNHS Board meeting. The draft no longer appears on the EBNHS website:

Why do the homeowners within the East Bluff Neighborhood Special Taxing District continue to settle for this taxation without representation? When will the special taxing district end?


Sounding the alarm... the Peoria Journal Star Editorial Board.
"Allow us to beg the public’s patience ... to sound the alarm, in the perhaps vain hope that local taxpayers will someday have had enough to elect representation that actually analyzes the history of ... subsidies and concludes that they have for the most part not delivered as advertised. Alas, if past is prologue, there will be few if any public objections to speak..., as the populace now sleeps."
Will we continue to accept taxation without representation?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

LISC to have input on East Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services Board and Bylaws. Why?


Section 1(f) "The composition of the EBNHS Board shall be restructured and the bylaws revised, as necessary, following a board retreat facilitated by the LISC and the City of Peoria."