Monday, February 7, 2011

You join the school board and now you want to stop downtown redevelopment?

How dare you stand in the way of progress Ms. Costic...

There is a regular commenter on Peoria Chronicle that goes by the name "District 150 Observer". D150O is consisent with the use of the name and the level of information that he apparently has about the goings on in the City. The other day he posted this:

but in Saturday's pjstar, Councilman Turner said this:

Wow, that's a heavy burden to place on new BOE member Mya Lynn Costic, who is the owner of Mya's Just 4 Kids (the "learning center" of which Councilman Turner speaks). Just what we need MORE friction between the City and the BOE. Turner's comment kind of ramps it up, doesn't it?

I'm sure Ms. Costic is civic minded (she volunteered for the school board) and wouldn't want to cause the City any irreparable harm over her decision to protect her business interests and/or clients.

It just seems kind of unfair that an "at-large" Councilman (who is supposed to care about both Ms. Costic's interest and the strip club owner) would say that the future of downtown Peoria hinges on whether Ms. Costic stands up for not wanting a very popular strip club to re-locate 100 feet from her child care center.

Shovel your damn sidewalk

The snow storm of the century caused local schools to be closed for four (4) business days; then there was the weekend. It is Monday, school is back in session and citizens and more importantly local businesses still have not shoveled their sidewalks.

In many neighborhoods the kids who are not standing on top of mounds of snow (dangerous), are standing in the streets (even more dangerous). Drive carefully and look out for our kids. Take special care around the corners where the City crews stacked the snow so tall, you can't see children standing on the other side of them.

In my opinion, people have had plenty of time to get the snow moved. At this point, the City should be issuing citations to businesses and home owners who have not moved the snow off the sidewalks in front of their properties. It's called civic duty, people (apparently D150 students are not the only people who need to learn it).

Saturday, February 5, 2011

There are certain things EVERY child must know before leaving the house...

and it's a lot more than "don't take candy from strangers".

When you put together large groups of children, many of whom lack “home schooling” you get chaos.

Home schooling—I’m not talking about teaching reading writing and arithmetic (although that’s part of it), I'm talking about the basics—things every child needs to know before leaving the house..

Manners. Civility. Kindness.

Since we appear to have so many students who lack these basics, how about doing a little “home schooling” at school. Sure, that’s not the school’s job—that’s the parent's job. But I think we can all agree—a lot of parents ain’t doin' their job...