Sunday, January 15, 2012

People are shooting on the regular on the East Bluff and South end and never get caught

But let somebody get shot out North and all kinds of suspects get arrested. But then again, we already know where this City's priorities lay and it ain't with the inner city neighborhoods. Did we find the 4-5 guys who committed the strong armed robbery in broad daylight down at Church's Chicken yet?

Three more held in Thursday shooting 
One suspect arrested at hospital after being shot

A man who was shot in the forearm Thursday night is one of three additional people to be arrested in connection with another shooting that took place less than an hour earlier in Northwest Peoria, according to Peoria police.

Andre M. Ewing, 28, of 2306 W. Wiswall St. was arrested Saturday afternoon at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. He was taken to St. Francis after sustaining a gunshot wound that brought police to an apartment at 2604 N. Lavalle Court before 7 p.m. Thursday.

Ewing is a suspect in the shooting that left an unidentified man in critical condition at St. Francis. The victim, who was shot in the head, was found outside the home of Juan F. Nesbit, 21, of 3616 Hedgehill Lane. Nesbit remains in Peoria County Jail pending a second appearance Tuesday in bonding court.

 Police also have arrested Aaron S. Frazier, 21, of 2009 W. Starr St. and Tonica E. Fullilove, 21, of 810 E. McClure Ave. in connection with the Hedgehill Lane shooting. Ewing, Frazier and Fullilove were booked on charges of attempted murder. Ewing faces additional charges of obstructing justice and false reporting of an offense. A bond of $500,000 was set Saturday for Nesbit on a charge of aggravated battery.  Source

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Now, say what now?

I just heard the darndest thing on the police scanner...
A City of Peoria salt truck driver saying that "we really need to get a salt plan together." Ummm, didn't they brag about being ready for this so called "snow storm"? It hasn't snowed since February 2011, why don't they have a "salt plan?" 

Wonder if I can get Blaine-Sumner for under $100 ...
Peoria School District 150 sold the old Harrison Primary School for $10 a few months ago, to a man who is taking the building down for salvage. District 150 Comptroller and Treasurer Dave Kinney said at least one party already has expressed interest in buying the Blaine-Sumner property and another party is interested in buying the vacant lot.

So much for that “residential TIF district” ...
Even though the East Village Growth Cell TIF district was sold as a "residential" TIF district aimed at improving neighborhoods within the East Bluff during the next 23 years, on Tuesday night, the council voted 8-1 on a $95 million redevelopment plan with OSF Finance Co. The plan will return 75% to 90% of new tax revenues OSF generates on new projects within the development area until 2034 to OSF (a corporation).