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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

13 year old bank robber to be tried as an adult

What path did Deonte Moore’s life take that he now finds himself an adult at the age of 13? What happened to Deonte before he was found covered in red ink, cowering in a garage, with an unloaded 22 caliber gun?

The Judge found the 13 year old bank robber “extremely aggressive and menacing”; a boy who had not complied with probation and missed several appointments; a boy who had been suspended from school … for alleged gang activity who never went back. As a result, Judge Chris Fredericksen deemed this 13 year old boy - Deonte Moore - an adult.

Judge Fredericksen’s ruling assures us that Deonte will receive little or no education, mental health treatment, or rehabilitative programming; Deonte will have an adult criminal record which will limit his future education and employment opportunities; Deonte will be at great risk of rape, assault and maybe even death in adult jails and prisons with adult inmates and then he will be released (if he makes it out) – back to Peoria. If Judge Fredericksen finds Deonte Moore “extremely aggressive and menacing now”, just wait until this little boy finishes his stint with the big boys.