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Friday, February 24, 2012

Teachers are praying that the Board of Education will show some sign of life

Lately life has kept me from blogging as regularly as I used to. However, I have not negelected to read your thoughts each day. As I look through comments, the resounding noise I continue to hear is based around this years Lemon Dance. Although, I'm not so sure it's a lemon dance, as comments seem to indicate that it's more a vindictive Superintendent...
Anonymous said... I can't believe no one has mentioned yet what the bully is doing now, firing the principals at Glen Oak and Irving. Their crime - applying for jobs in another district... I'm all for holding people accountable, which seemed difficult for former sups' when their friends/relatives were in positions, but let's be fair in the delivery. 
That doesn't even begin to address her actual delivery style - bully is right on. I don't remember there ever being a class in college called "Leadership from the Top Down" or "Because I Said So," but apparantly Dr. L found a class like that and then minored in "If I yell at you and demoralize you, you'll listen." Oh and supposedly she's been telling people she's not going to allow public comment Monday night, possibly due to the backlash of her wanting to fire these 2 administrators (again, not the one's that deserve it) and their assistant principals...  
Dr. L has proven in just 2 short years how vindictive she can be. I'll fight and take the risk if my students are being impacted, but so far they are sheltered from all of this mess. The new curriculum objectives are good, everything else about her sucks! Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Comment after comment seemed to back up the sentiments of the Anonymous above; the sheer astonishment that main street media had not picked up on the current upheaval within District 150 based around the rumor that the Superintendent will be sending Glen Oak  principal, Annette Coleman and Irving Principal, Kevin Curtin back to the classroom. It is has been difficult to read the sheer pleas from Anonymous teachers, begging any Board member who may be reading the blog to stop the Superintendent from her latest cuts...
Anonymous said... Lathan has her claws out and is directing them towards two principals who have dedicated many more years to the youth of Peoria than she ever will. Both apparently tired of her insanity and ego-tripping and dared to apply for a principalship outside of Peoria to get away from her bullying. Both are now being recommended by her to be returned to the classroom due to "poor leadership". It is funny that this poor leadership did not surface until they both decided to try to save their own mental health and get away from Psycholathan. 
If you know Annette Coleman or Kevin Curtin, you must know how outstanding both are in their schools as well as this community. To think that Lathan has made their lives so intolerable that both made a choice to leave 150 is nearly criminal. Something needs to happen in order to stop this woman from destroying the good people who are actually in the school buildings working with Peoria children.
All Lathan has done is tie the hands of principals so no punishment can be given then walk the halls, poke her head into some rooms, deem all teachers she sees as unsatisfactory due to student behavior, and close places like Garfield where absolutely wonderful things were happening. I'm pretty sure she didn't bother to walk those halls before she said, "Close it!" 
I pray the board can actually see that the crime of this recommendation has nothing to do with Coleman and Curtin's leadership and everything to do with hers! Sunday, February 19, 2012 
Anonymous said... That would make 4 excellent principals she has chased away. This must stop. The BOE has to take their heads out of the sand and save this district! Our children deserve better than this! With Lathan, it isn't about the's about her way or the highway. Please, the good, intelligent people on the BOE...look into all of this! Sunday, February 19, 2012 
Anonymous said... Please be sure to include the loss of Paul Monrad, assistant principal at Glen Oak, in your count of lost talent in 150. His contract has not been renewed and he will be leaving the district at the end of this school year. Yet another unbelievable loss for our students. Sunday, February 19, 2012