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Monday, August 17, 2009

2008's Best and Worst selling magazine covers

W Magazines 2008 list of the best and worst selling magazine covers are out. I’m always interested in seeing these lists just to see who is selling. A recent visit to my local magazine rack reveals that once again, there are very few, if any African Americans on the cover of the major glossises this month. The only one I saw was Will Smith’s wife on the cover of Shape Magazine…

Whenever African Americans (or models of color) do appear on the cover of major glossies or major advertising campaigns, they always appear to be magically lighter – some may even say white…

As I reviewed the W. Magazine list I could not help but notice that of the few magazine covers that black folks did appear on in 2008 – none of them were on the Worst list...

Vogue 4/08 Gisele/LeBron James
Bazaar 9/08 Tyra Banks
ELLE 6/2008 Rihanna
Cosmo 3/2008 Rihanna
IN Style 8/08 Rihanna
IN Style 2/08 Halle
IN Style 11/08 Beyonce

I found it interesting that the so called “hottest chick”, Tom Brady's homewrecker, a/k/a the highest paid supermodel in the world and former Victoria Secret underwear model, Giselle Bundchen’s covers of Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar have both been their worst-performing of the year, so far. Even more interesting is that fact that – she continues to get covers.

2008 Worst Selling Women's Magazines
Best-Selling Cover: Keira Knightley (559,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Rachel Weisz (276,000 copies)
Vanity Fair
Best-Selling Cover: Angelina Jolie (504,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Katherine Heigl (314,000 copies)
Best-Selling Cover: Victoria Beckham (413,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Covers: Carrie Underwood (253,000 copies)
Best-Selling Cover: Jessica Simpson (775,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Nicole Kidman (460,000 copies)
Best-Selling Cover: Scarlett Johansson (2 million copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Jessica Simpson (1.5 million copies)
Best-Selling Cover: Angelina Jolie (78,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Hilary Swank (27,000 copies)
Best-Selling Cover: Eva Longoria-Parker (889,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Anne Hathaway (585,000 copies)
Marie Claire
Best-Selling Cover: Women of “Sex and the City” (440,948 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Jennifer Connelly (191,000 copies)
Harper’s Bazaar
Best-Selling Cover: Lindsay Lohan (213,000 copies)
Worst-Selling Cover: Drew Barrymore (120,000 copies)