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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trolling on matters of race

Just in case you didn't notice - I am African-American. This blog is fully administered by me - a black woman (see my Profile). I believe in and promote black pride in community and family. If you don’t like that, or have anything against that, you probably SHOULD come to this blog. However, don’t come with your fangs out, come to read and learn. You know who I’m talking to.

Warning - Please be aware of the Trolls
Regular readers will notice that Trolls regularly come to this blog, fangs on display, literally salivating, as they try to jump on any nuance that MAY BE in the promotion of what this blog stands for.

The Trolls spew very bitter venom. They literally growl at you with their words. The Trolls try to sting you. You can almost envision the contorted face of the Troll, as it pound out it's words, trying to entrap the black blogger. The Troll is very predictable in trying to use racism in reverse, in an effort to goad the black blogger into appearing racist for daring to be a being a proud, vocal, black person.

Responding to the Troll is futile.
If you must respond to the Troll, keep it terse. The Troll’s mind is made up, there is nothing you nor I can say on this blog to persuade them. They come to the black blog looking for a fight – seeking validation for their skewed way of thinking. There the Troll goes again trying to score a one up. Spewing venom, as if the black blogger is prey that needs to be immobilized and digested.

One could cage the Troll and treat it like the fanged SPAM it is... It's tempting, I know, but don’t do it. Let it's comment sit, on display, for all whom may read the blog may observe the black blogger, refusing to indulge a very ugly, thirsty, Racistroll, by not reacting in the stereotypical way it thinks a black person will, when confronted with nonsense about race. Black Blogger 101.