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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Food-District 150 charge card "buying sprees" continued...

Foreword: It is a common practice for school districts to give away food stuff for school events. This expense is covered under Title 1. Each school has a budget that is overseen by Dr. LaToy Kennedy, Chief Curriculum and Instruction Officer.

Per Title 1, the money spent on Title 1 events (for parents and students) should be overseen by the Parent Advisory Group that District 150 has been mandated to have at each school (not necessarily the PTO). Each group should be made up of parents, a teacher and the principal. This group also must give input on issues of parent involvement for inclusion in the SIP (School Improvement Program) before the District submits it to the State each year.
from Sharon Crews 
A recent FOIA revealed the food related expenditures charged to Dr. Granita Lathan's Charge Card from December 15, 2010 to May 28, 2013. Below are the highlights, however...

the expenditures total $31,640 (with $1,317.92 paid in taxes). 

The most favorite places for District 150 Administration to shop and/or eat are:



This data raises many questions in my mind. Perhaps some of you may have information as to events that occurred on the dates when food was catered. Six of the events listed here took place in the summer, and two were just before Christmas vacations. First of all, I have a feeling that these are not the only charges for food. Others besides Dr. Lathan may sponsor events for which food is provided. Any suggestions as to who those employees might be would be appreciated.

The May 15, 2012, through May 18, 2012, charges to One World Catering are interesting. Why are there two orders on the same day for $60.97 and a total of four orders at the same price over a three-day period? Probably the smaller orders raise the more interesting questions?

I know of instances when Title I money was used for meals at Manual for the purpose of professional development. I was led to believe that food for these purposes is a legitimate use of Title I money. Personally, I question wasting money on food when there are so many educational needs for the money.

I realize that the District is obligated to provide meals, especially for out-of-town speakers who come for professional development. However, ten entries indicate that fairly large numbers of people were fed over a one-to-three day block of time. I have no doubt that much of this money could come from outside sources (Title I, etc). I believe that teachers could easily be convinced that they do not have to be fed with District money or any money that could be put to much better uses. Most teachers and maybe even visitors would probably appreciate a break during a day of workshops, etc., to go out to eat.

At least, the District board members should be willing to take a look at these expenditures to analyze how many were really necessary. The usual question about taxes, also, deserves attention. Most food orders required taxes but many, especially at HyVee, did not. Why the discrepancy? If you can, please fill in the blanks to help us understand these expenditures.

Food (DATE) -Credit Card Records From September 2010 to Present by EmergePeoria