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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Donald Jackson, President of the Illinois NAACP throws down the guantlet at last night's meeting of the Board of Education

At last night's BOE meeting, President of the Illinois NAACP, Donald Jackson, made it crystal clear that the NAACP was not pleased with Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Grenita Lathan. Here is what the NAACP thinks about the Lathan Administration's handling of Manual High School:
"We are not satisfied with what has been happening with Manual High School, Manual Academy. Given what I know, there is a perception in the community that Manual and the model is being systematically stripped of critical parts with the intent to destroy the model itself.

Manual has made great strides in education and we are not inclined to let you do that without a fight. I just want to put you on notice, that the community is aware of what is happening and we will not stand on the sidelines and watch you change the model and/or destroy Manual High School; the reputation of a good school.

I am just as proud of Manual as a graduate of Manual, as those people are of Central, Richwoods and Woodruff as well, so I am especially concerned about what appears to be a trend to attack the good will and reputation of the people who volunteer at Manual I know there has been some attempts to, how should I say, to pressure some of the advisory council to either give up the ship, to give up the fight but they don’t intend to so and we don’t intend to stand by while lawyers and other people attempt to attack their credibility. so you are on notice now that if this trend continues the fight is on with the NAACP."
Letter from the Manual Restructering Team to Dr. Lathan, dated last June, in support of Manual and Dr. Kherat. Click image to enlarge.