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Thursday, April 23, 2009

District 150 - please bring back inner city basketball rims

Yesterday evening the weather was perfect for being on the courts shooting hoops.
Photo taken at Keller School on North Knoxville Avenue.

South of War Memorial Drive, District 150 has removed all basketball rims. The rims were removed several years ago. As a result, children who are not fortunate enough to be members of the RiverPlex or some other facility, are left to their own means to find a basketball rim.

Recently, four young men climbed over my gated and locked back yard fence and had themselves a little game . It was actually kind of funny because I recognized them from the school where I volunteer. I didn’t get mad, but I gave them a good talk about what trespassing is and pointed them to the sign posted on my fence. However, I did assure them that if they did it again, I would call the police. I have since seen the youngsters at school and they are all very nice and make a point to say hello, no problems.

I am not sure why the basketball rims were taken down from inner city schools, but District 150 should really consider replacing them.