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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hot Job: Urban School Symposium Producer

Interesting that ALL of the proceeds from the day long conference on urban education, which is being held by the City, Chamber of Commerce and Bradley University, are going to the Institute for Principled Leadership.

If this is about inner city schools - why aren't the proceeds going to help fund inner city schools? Isn't the Charter School still trying to raise money?

It appears that selling tickets to talk about fixing inner city schools is a money maker all across the country. It would be nice if some of the money these symposium producers are making actually benefited the urban schools they talk about caring so much about.


PEORIA — The list of education officials and experts converging in Peoria later this month to discuss changes to public education is growing by the day, organizers say.

Kenneth Wong, considered the leading expert on urban education and director of the Urban Education Policy Program at Brown University, will join U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and renowned education reformer Paul Vallas to speak at an education symposium at the Peoria Civic Center titled "Transforming Public Education."

The daylong conference, sponsored by the city of Peoria, the Institute for Principled Leadership, the Dirksen Center and the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce, is set for April 21 at the Civic Center. Cost ranges from $50 to $175 and the proceeds go to the Institute for Principled Leadership at Bradley University, which is organizing the event.

Some 40 Illinois mayors have been invited and school superintendents from across the state have been signing up. There is also hope that community members will come.

Other speakers include Andrew Broy, president of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools; Suzanne Armato, executive director of the Federation of Community Schools; Christopher Koch, Illinois Superintendent of Public Schools; and Joan Sattler, dean of the college of education and health sciences at Bradley.