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Sunday, May 31, 2009

EmergePeoria Crime View Technology

We know where the crime is - so why are we still in reactionary mode? The PPD is facing cuts at the same time citizens are being told by the Mayor it is time to consider taking up arms. This is what we get for voting for a person who ran for office with crime as his platform? Guess that's all it was... a platform and now there is the grandstanding (i.e, the concealed carry suggestion).

This information is not based on any specific studies. It is Emerge Peoria's tongue in cheek perception of crime as illustrated by news reports. If you think your neighborhood is wrongfully represented, let me know.

SEVERE: Downtown, Franklin School, Gale Avenue, Gift Area, Glen Oak Historic, Glen Oak Park, Goose Lake, Heart of Peoria, High Wine, I-74, Moss Bradley, RiverWest, Water Street, Riverplex, Southtown, Near Northside, North Prospect, Prospect Road, Spring Grove, Sunset Hills, Uplands, West Main, West Meadows Place, Vinton Highlands, Creighton Woods, Lynhurst, Harrison Homes, Bradford Woods, Sheridan Triangle

HIGH: Altamont Park, Armstrong Ellis, Averyville, Bevalon, Columbia Terrace North, Cottage District East Bluff NHS, East Bluff Serenity, East Bluff United, Glencrest, Lyndale Road, Olde Towne North, Orchard District, Parkview, University East, Williamsburg, Willow Knolls, Willow Lake Village, Detweiller Marina

ELEVATED: Hawley Hills, Hawthorne Hills, Rolling Acres, Sherwood Forest, West Central

GUARDED: Knoll Crest, Edgewild, Fairfax Addition, High Point, Idyllbrook, Joeanne Manor, Kellar Heights, Knoll Crest, Knollls, Northgate, Northmoor Knolls, Northmoore Hills, Oakcliff, Randolph-Roanoke, Richwoods Knolls, Skyline Drive, West Park Knolls, Woodbrook Manor