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Friday, August 9, 2013

Sub-par moderation on Peoria's "community forum"

... is NOT a good look for the City of Peoria, Illinois.

In February of 2013, I requested that a local "community blog forum" remove this blog from their blog roll. The Admins refused to comply and left the blog up. Cheap shots against EmergePeoria raged and nobody flagged them.

The backlash from this group went on from February 16, 2013 to March 2, 2013, and as a result, EmergePeoria's request for removal turned out to be a big hit for the flailing "community forum"...

Eventually, after a rather odd e-mail conversation with the person who owns the forum, EmergePeoria was removed. But then, when it suited a specific person (who claimed to have no control over the forum), one of EmergePeoria's older blogposts made it to the front page of the forum, once again.

Recently, a post entitled The strange case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was posted to the blog. As per usual, the readers of the local community blog forum came here to read, and then went back there to berate discuss EmergePeoria, resulting, once again, in a large number of hits for the flailing "community forum."

In my situation, I found the behavior of some of the adults charged with administering the forum highly unprofessional; and the feedback from the person who owns the forum was consistent with the Admin behavior. 

As previously posted here, a regular community forum poster known as meanjarhead is was being discussed on the forum by another regular forum poster

Today, some of the same folks who relished in attacking this blogger, are coming to the aid of the meanjarhead and taking down the discussion. They have NOW come to realize that moderation on the forum is sub-par...

... and then...

Way to go guys - I'll be watching!

Oh, and by the way...