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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The District must do better to increase parental involvement

District 150 has a Parental Advisory Group Committee that has been active for the last three years. Parental Involvement in Title 1 schools is a mandate. Unfortunately, there are no parents from Title 1 schools (schools South of War Memorial) on the Parental Advisory Group Committee. There is no PTO representative from Woodruff, Manual or Central, but two from Richwoods.

Mrs. Dryden has a platform that has allowed her to be able to speak on behalf of the interests of the people in her school; she would be remiss if she didn't take advantage of it. However, as long as the District does not have parents from schools South of War Memorial on this Advisory Group Committee, I will continue to raise the issue.

York Powers is the District's new student, family and community coordinator, who replaces Sandra Burke. I have let Mr. Powers know about my hope that the District would make an effort to reach out to a more diverse group of parents. Although Mr. Powers has not seen fit to respond to my e-mail inquiry that I sent approximately a week ago, I remain hopeful that he has taken it into consideration. We'll see what happens.

Our school is better than your school

One of my biggest pet peeves with District 150 is the appearance that the only parents, who have opinions that matter, live North of War Memorial.

First we get reports that the Richwoods PTO feels that uniforms are a negative and Richwoods students should be exempt from wearing them.

Now we have a report that the Richwoods PTO feels that because they are entitled to their tradition and school pride, District 150 should not hold graduations at the Civic Center.

Why is it that we only hear what the parents on the Richwoods PTO want? Don’t we have other PTOs in District 150? What about what they want?

Contrary to what the Richwoods' PTO appears to believe, Richwoods is not the only school in District 150 that matters. Hopefully Lathan & Co. will make this clear.