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Friday, June 3, 2011

Aaliyah Burnett to audition for "The Event" in Orlando, Florida

In December, Peorian Aaliyah Burnett was chosen through a local audition to go to Orlando, FL the week of December 16th, to audition for "The Event".

At this gathering she will have the opportunity to audition before production agents and assistants for Disney, Nickelodeon and a host of other entertainment industry professionals seeking new talent for existing and upcoming projects. She will also be competing for cash prizes, but the recognition and opportunities that she will gain are the key to potentially open the door to her future.

To add some context to this, Aaliyah, who has been a student at Roosevelt Magnet (which is a Fine Arts school here in Peoria) pursued this competition on her own. She obtained the phone number, called the people herself and turned it over to her parents, Pastor Harvey and Geraldine Burnett.

The agent who auditioned her locally is also a manager and producer of some top young talent in the industry. She said that Aaliyah had some unique abilities and opportunities ahead of her and was looking forward to working with her in a greater way.

There is an expense and Aaliyah's family is trying to raise about $5,000 for the trip, registration fees and additional expenditures associated with travel, training and preparation for The Event.

Check out Aaliyah's website here to learn more about Aaliyah and find out how you may be able to help. Good luck Aaliyah!