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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How does Guy Cahill fit in?

From the District 150 Website
Planning and Budget Committee Members

As announced at the February 2 meeting, the Board of Education is establishing a special committee to assist with the school district's budgeting issues. Below is a list of the appointed members to the Planning and Budget Committee:

Mr. Pat Roesler, Chief Financial Officer, G & D. Integrated

Mrs. Lois Boaz, Retired Caterpillar Executive with experience in accounting, business analysis and Six Sigma

Mr. Erik Bush, Chief Financial Officer, Peoria County

Mr. David Underwood, Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer Proctor Hospital

Mr. Charles Randle, President, Illinois Business Financial Services

Dr. Bernie Goitien, Professor of Business Management & Administration at Bradley University

Mr. Ken Casper, Retired Banker

Mr. Larry Williams, Retired Superintendent and Business Manager of Illinois Valley Community School District

The main functions of the committee include:

* develop financial templates for presenting and outlining the district budget; allowing easy assessment and financial impact of proposals, suggestions and changes

* establish a "district finances" section on the district website

* create one-page documents explaining school district financial terms and how these issues impact Peoria Public Schools. Examples include: Title I, Special Education Funding, Corporate and Property Taxes, Public Building Commission Funding and TIF Districts.


Curious as to how this group works with Guy Cahill, the District's Controller. Do they have full access to all of District 150's financials? Will they be able to rely on administration employees to supply them with information? In a recent TimesObserver article Mr. Cahill stated "the district has no choice but to make cuts if it hopes to maintain the A+ bond rating it now has from Standard & Poor’s." I don't know a lot about bonds, but I do know you want an A+ rating if you need to finance long term projects (i.e., construction). If this Committee validates the cuts that Superintendent Hinton proposes, what is the window on preservation of the A+ bond rating?