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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's going on at Manual Academy?

It's been a little over six weeks since beloved Principal, Dr. Sharon Desmoulin Kherat left the building, amidst an orderly student walkout and tearful goodbyes...

Yesterday at about 11:48 a.m. the call came through for the police with a taser to proceed to Manual Academy, on the track (I don't know if they actually used it). Yesterday, all of the male principals in District 150 were called to go to Manual Academy. Yesterday, throughout the day, sporadic calls to the PPD to proceed to Manual. Yesterday, students at Manual confirm knowing about at least two fights before 12:00.

All of this activity is making me wonder... "what's going on at Manual Academy?"

@4:15 a.m. Emtronics posted:
...they had a full blown fight at Manual yesterday while letting the children out for PE. Fights broke out on the track, in public view. The Campus police didn't call backup but the Admin did put out a call for all admins at other schools to come to Manual. They didn't want this public. When they got the kids back inside, two more fights broke out. It was a hell of a day at Manual.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Curbing the violence in school consolidations

Many in Peoria are concerned that the consolidation of Woodruff and Peoria High School will spark an increase in gang violence. Maybe it will - maybe it won't. However, it is a gamble that District 150 cannot take.

In 2007, Detroit, who is undergoing the largest school reorganization in the nation, unveiled several public safety initiatives. The initiatives were in response to concerns raised by parents about the impact that the consolidation of students from rival high schools could have on the classroom environment.

Examples of DPS' public safety measures:

Creation of mini-stations. The mini-stations, which are staffed by full-time DPS police officers, are housed in the high schools. The officers work closely with students and staff at the high schools.

Creation of two DPS police precincts or substations. One located on the Eastside and another on the Westside of the city. These precincts heightened the visibility of the District’s police officers in the city’s neighborhoods.

Motorcycle patrol. District officers patrol school parking lots and neighborhoods surrounding the schools on a consistent basis.

Police reserve unit. Provided training for volunteer police officers. The officers help patrol to supplement the efforts of the District’s regular police officers.

Implementation of P.A. 330 Program. This gave state certified individuals limited police powers to write tickets and detain individuals on school properties.

Police chaplain corps. A team of volunteer ministers who work closely with the District’s police officers. They also provide counseling and other faith-based assistance.

Other initiatives included the use of private firms to supplement security efforts, a greater use of foot patrols outside school buildings, and increased training of teachers, staff and administrators in basic safety concepts. The District also stepped up efforts to recruit more parent volunteers and upgrade its website to include up-to-date security information and public safety tips. In addition, the District utilized Crime Stoppers to report criminal activity in and around the schools.