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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Over crowding and inequality in education - Peoria, Illinois

Where is the ACLU when you need them? They sue for over crowded prisons - they need to sue District 150 for over crowded schools.

A new school boundary map was made and schools were closed. Parents were given a handful of schools, where children are learning, that they could scramble and beg to attend. Today we read that Glen Oak Community School and Harrison Community School are filled beyond capacity.

While the schools North of Forrest Hill are not seeing classrooms bursting at the seams and children failing to learn; the schools South of Forrest Hill are. Additionally, the schools are all set up on some type of program schematic that place students on a different learning trajectory than their "peers" out North. When questioned about why the classrooms are so crowded, the Superintendent of Schools says: 

"I don't know where people are coming from...,"

How is this an acceptable response to the very real problem of classrooms packed beyond building code?

I will guarantee you, new people are not coming to Peoria feinding to attend Glen Oak or Harrison Community School. These are the same lower economic citizens that the City and the Schools have agreed it is okay to herd in this way. 

Inequality in education is a market in Peoria - it has been for generations. Folks coming from communities far and wide to make money off of the under educated parents with children who live in this town. Millions and millions of dollars in grant money has flooded into this community for the last several years, but ain't nothing changed. We continue to get what we got - maybe even worse

So what is the Board of Education going to do for all of these kids crammed into a couple of buildings? How will they remedy this heinous situation? Will they open up more schools; will they open up the boundaries and allow more students to get waivers; or will they continue to allow the most vulnerable students in the City of Peoria to be treated in this way? Unfortunately  I think I know the answer to these questions - they will do nothing. 

I am thoroughly disgusted with this situation - THIS IS WRONG!

Peoria Story has the scoop from last night's School Board Meeting.