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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crime scene span: Peoria Heights to the East Bluff

Yesterday my family had to purchase four (4) new tires: two (2) for a 4-wheel drive truck; one (1) for a minivan; and one (1) for a vehicle with special rims.

Overnight on Friday, about 37 vehicle owners (at least that is the number the newspaper gives) woke up to find that the tires on their vehicles had been slashed.

The crime scene spans from the Peoria Heights to the mid-East Bluff (about 14 City blocks). This blog covered the story first. There was no report on any of the local news stations and there was only a blurb about it in the local news paper.

If you drive the area shown in the photo above (click the image to enlarge), you will see vehicles still sitting on flats; some are sitting on jacks; others are on donut wheels. 

Unfortunately, the timing of the vandalism occurred the day after most people have probably begun Christmas shopping. As a result, many will not be able to run out and purchase tires for a vehicle; a vehicle that they may need to get back and forth to work and/or school in.

The vandalism clearly wasn't about money - nothing of value was taken from any of the vehicles. If a group of young thugs were out on the coldest night of the year and thought it would be fun to slash tires - why not go to a dealership and have at it (there are two dealerships in the area)? Why take the chance of going up and down the street in a densely populated, residential neighborhood? The slashing of the tires was clearly an organized activity and yes, it was more than likely done by a gang - but this is not your standard inner city, youth, gang crime. So, who would commit such a crime and why?

The sad thing is, we don't expect to get any answers about what, why or how this happened. Heck, if I hadn't witnessed it, I couldn't conceive the magnitude of the crime, considering it got so little exposure with the local news agencies.

Just one more strike against living in Peoria and the East Bluff (as if a person needed one).