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Thursday, September 15, 2011

District 150 students recent fight videos now playing on YouTube

I saw these student fight videos over on The fights appear to be on and near the grounds of Glen Oak School. This fight was more than likely brewing all day inside the school building and erupted once school was let out. I am reposting them here hoping that some teachers or adminstrators might be able to identify some of these knuckleheads and pull them in to help them resolve some of their issues.

The adults in the third video should be arrested for encouraging one child to "beat" anothers "a**" and you will notice that the adult female actually knocks one of the young girls to the ground, when she got advantage of the girl the adult was supporting. Again, these adults need to be arrested - this fight will continue in the neighborhood. Now parents will be looking to get at each other. The school can help in squashing this issue.

Videos removed. The videos can be found on Youtube (search on "legacychyck)