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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I can't get mad about Trewyn getting much needed attention.

For generations now, Peoria District 150 has underserved the children of Peoria. The disservice to the black community has been and/or is vast. From what I can see, the NAACP and/or the ACLU could have instituted a class action lawsuit against the District for the violations against student civil rights and the inequality in the schools. They did not/they have not.

Today, to hear people complain about what they call “special treatment” that the students at Trewyn are getting saddens me. These children and their families are the very people who have been done a disservice by this District and this City for generations. Sure, they appear to be getting a little extra, but it’s still a drop in the bucket when you consider how long the education of black children in this City has been neglected.

While the complaints about the arrogance of the Superintendent may be well founded, the big stick that the Superintendent is welding is directly related to power that was given to her when our District violated student’s civil rights with an unequal education.

Many may not like it, but the Superintendent is doing a great job of CYA for District 150, which is exactly what the BOE wants/needs for her to do. Sorry folks, but as long as she is protecting the civil rights of the children who have obviously consistently received the least in this City, her power will remain intact.